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Canadian Police Department Apologizes to Nickelback, Reaches Peak Canada

Kensington Police had joked about punishing drunk-drivers with tracks from 'Silver Side Up'.
Alex Robert Ross

Nik Stauskas Has The Will, Now He Needs To Find A Way

Over his bumpy first two seasons in the NBA, Nik Stauskas has been a perfectly ordinary player. But, as with every NBA player, there's something extraordinary in him.
Sam Riches
NBA draft

Who Is Thon Maker, The NBA Draft's Gangly Mystery Man?

Thon Maker is 19 years old, 7'1, and star of one of the most memorable mixtapes on YouTube. In the NBA Draft, none of that will matter as much as how he can play.
John Wilmes

Rod's Not Dead, Or Roddy Piper's Christian Cinema Swan Song

Roddy Piper was one of the great wrestlers of his era, and he had his moments as an actor. "The Masked Saint," his last film, isn't great. But it has its charms.
Tom Keiser
violent second jobs

Why We Fight: a Night With the Indie Wrestlers of Superkick'd

At the Toronto indie-wrestling promotion Superkick'd, fans get the chance to see expert ultraviolence up close. The wrestlers get a different, more sustaining experience.
Alex Wong

MLS's Misguided Quest For Glory

MLS spends far too much time worrying about winning the flawed CONCACAF Champions League tournament and it makes the league look like an amateur act.
Jorge Arangure Jr.

Odds Against, or the Ballad of Ricky Romero

Ricky Romero was a Major League team's ace just a few years ago. Then came The Thing, the mysterious, much-feared disorder that makes pitchers unable to throw strikes.
Andrew Forbes

The Toronto Raptors In Purgatory

The Toronto Raptors have built a decent team in a smart, state-of-the-art way. That team isn't good enough to compete for a championship. What now?
Colin McGowan
unwritten rules

Chin Music, Orioles, Blue Jays, and the Antidote to a Long Season

The season is young, but it is already clear that the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays don't like each other at all. It's silly, maybe, but we need this.
Andrew Forbes

The 6th Letter Is Bigger Than Canada (and Canada Is Huge)

The Canadian rapper talks his upcoming mixtape, and is too political to admit that Joey Bada$$ jacked his swag.
Slava Pastuk