Mental Health Is for Rich People

Canada loves being The One With Universal Health Care. But if your illness is in your brain, that universality is a lie.
Anna Mehler Paperny

Not Over It, Not Fixed, and Living a Life Worth Living

Healing from sexual abuse and trauma isn’t a journey with an end point. An excerpt from ‘Whatever Gets You Through.’
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
sexual assault

This Canadian Author Is Suing His Sexual Assault Accuser

A legal fund for defendants named in Steven Galloway’s defamation suit has raised more than $55,000.
Sarah Berman
mental health

I Grew Up With Parents Who Didn’t Understand Mental Illness

‘The Woo-Woo’ author Lindsay Wong recalls childhood in a deeply superstitious household.
Lindsay Wong

This Vancouver Real Estate Crime Novel Was Supposed to Be Fiction

The property tycoons and gangs in Charlie Demers’ new book are a little too real, so we asked him about researching the city’s housing and drug markets.
Asher Penn
restorative justice

Why I Reached Out to My Father’s Murderer

Author Carys Cragg was 11 when a stranger killed her dad. Twenty years on, she yearned for understanding.
Carys Cragg
Nova Scotia

This Is the Perfect Facebook Post

God bless ya, Cape Breton.
Drew Brown

‘Progress’: A Short Story from ‘Everything Is Awful and You’re A Terrible Person’

Alternative title: A Day in the Life of the Millennial Office Worker.
Daniel Zomparelli

Why Every Canadian Author Has an Opinion About a Campus Sex Assault Case

UBC's creative writing chair Steven Galloway was fired this summer following an investigation into sexual assault. The ensuing avalanche of takes has been called "THE GREAT CANLIT CIRCLE JERK OF 2016."
Sarah Berman

UBC Students Aren’t Happy About a Canlit Star’s Defence of Fired Prof Accused of Sex Assault

Governor General's Literary Award winner Madeleine Thien has defended her friend Steven Galloway, accused of sexual assault. An open letter to Thien shows how closely students are listening.
Sarah Berman

What It’s Like to Take Opioids for Pain

"First physical pain recedes, and then emotional pain. I was depressed, and now I am not." An excerpt from Carlyn Zwarenstein's Opium Eater: The New Confessions.
Carlyn Zwarenstein

Looking at the Tragicomedy of Canadian Native-White Relations with Thomas King

Thomas King is one of Canada's most celebrated contemporary authors, often providing a portal into life as a First Nations person few would otherwise be engage with. With his latest book,The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in...
Remi L. Roy