Capital Punishment


The Sri Lankan Government is Advertising Job Positions for Hangmen

The President seeks executioners with "excellent moral character" as the country prepares to reintroduce the death penalty.


Ben Stiller's Punk Band Has Reunited, and They're Still Really Good

Listen to a rework of "Confusion," the first single from the band's first new release in 35 years.


I'm on Death Row for Punching a Man

After three decades, I feel like I’m dying a slow death.


Should 'Late Adolescence' Protect Young People from Execution?

The years between 18 and 21 are a sort of societal limbo period when, in most states, you can't drink, but you can smoke—and get sentenced to die.


Ben Stiller's Teenage Post-Punk Band Are Finally Reissuing Their Debut LP

A remastered and expanded version of Capital Punishment's 'Roadkill' will finally come out on Captured Tracks this September. A single from the record, "Muzak Anonymous," came out alongside the announcement.


Everything Always Turns to Shit on Death Row

Even a breakfast of boiled eggs and cheese somehow gets screwed up by a rogue inmate.


I Watched a Talent Show on Death Row

It was painful but also more fun than I expected.


She Was the Last Woman Executed In Canada. She May Have Been Innocent

More than half a century after a bomb on board a plane killed nearly two dozen people near the St. Lawrence River, the evidence that condemned Marguerite Pitre to hang remains pretty flimsy.


Why Did America's Execution Machine Slow Down?

A new book explores the slow demise of the ultimate punishment in a country that has a history of celebrating it.


Virginia Will Execute a Mentally Ill Man Tonight

As part of a new state protocol, William Morva will be injected with a controversial chemical in a process not fully visible to witnesses.


These Are the Seven Men Arkansas Plans to Kill Over 11 Days

Why the hurry? Expiring execution drugs.


The Death Row Basketball League

When you're playing against the clock—and other killers.