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3 days ago

Nuclear Power, You're Our Only Hope

[Slowly backs out of the environmentalist room.]


​Justin Trudeau Is Putting a Price on his Carbon Tax: $50 a Tonne

Critics say the plan still won't help Canada meet its climate commitments.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Obama said the 9/11 bill is a "dangerous" mistake, teachers in South Carolina were praised for saving lives during Wednesday's school shooting, the US teen birth rate falls to a new record low, and more.


Indonesia’s Fires Are Serious, So Why Isn’t Indonesia Taking Them Seriously?

Fires have now been burning across several islands since September, producing more greenhouse gases than the daily output of the United States.


Meet the DJs Against Climate Change

Duck Sauce, Soul Clap, Sammy Bananas and more are putting their money where their mouth is.