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Canadian Oil Companies Might Be Emitting Way More Than Reported

A new study suggests oil sands carbon emissions could be as much as 64 percent higher.
Hilary Beaumont

Wearing a Condom Protects Much More Than Your Junk

Wear a rubber and save the world.
Tom Usher
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Hmm, Could Australia's Recent Apocalyptic Weather Be a Sign of Climate Change?

Floods in WA, raging bushfires in NSW—it's just a taste of things to come, according to climate scientists.
Katherine Gillespie

A New Study Says It Will Soon be Too Hot to Live in Some Parts of the Persian Gulf

Unless we curb carbon emissions soon, before too long the sun in the Persian Gulf will be hot enough to actually murder you.
Brian McManus
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United Airlines Is Going to Power Its Jets with Animal Poop Now

United will be the first domestic airline to use alternative fuels, taking a major step toward cutting down carbon pollution in the industry.
River Donaghey

Why Obama's Keystone Veto Doesn't Mean Anything for Climate Change

Environmental activists may have killed the pipeline for now, but as the Keystone saga drags on, the root causes of climate change go unchecked.
Eric Holthaus

Will 2015 Be the Year Obama Finally Does Something About Climate Change?

New White House rules focused on cutting methane emissions are the last big chance for the president to cement his legacy on climate change.
Eric Holthaus
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As America Doubles Down on Climate Targets, Canada Stays Quiet

Can you hear the awkward silence? That's the sound of government not releasing an annual report on Canada's carbon emission trends amid news that America and China have both made ambitious commitments to curb climate change.
Sarah Berman

New Oil and Gas Pipelines Could Pose a Serious Threat to Canada’s North West

“This is not a feasible project. There’s too much opposition to it and we’re really not willing to risk our territories, our waters, for projects that aren’t even economically sound."
Michael Toledano

We're Still Not Even Close to Saving the Planet After the Largest Climate Summit Ever

More than 120 heads of state came together at the UN headquarters in NYC Tuesday, but most fell short of the bold pledges and tangible vows we desperately need.
Kim Wall and Beenish Ahmed

Why Obama’s New International Climate Change Plan Is Probably Doomed

The president wants to name and shame the rest of the world into cutting carbon emissions, but that requires moral authority, which America sorely lacks these days.
Matt Taylor