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Biscuits 36: Violence in Hockey and the Carey Price-Canadiens Mess

Lozo and Down Goes Brown discuss how hockey brawls have changed over the years, attempt to fix the department of player safety, and share a laugh over the disaster that is the Montreal Canadiens.
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Price vs. Lundqvist Is the Best NHL Playoffs Story Nobody Cares About

Two potential Hall of Fame goaltenders at the top of their games, and the biggest story of the first four games of the Rangers–Canadiens series has been what, Tanner Glass?
Dave Lozo
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Goalies Owned the First Night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Talbot was sensational in an Oilers loss, Price and Lundqvist went toe-to-toe in Montreal, one Cup champion had to replace another in Pittsburgh, and Allen was historically good against the Wild.
Kyle Cantlon

​Canada Is Making its Hockey Teams Great Again

A funny thing has happened this season: a Canadian hockey rebirth.
Dave Lozo

Biscuits Episode 4: Squad Goals

Dave and Sean discuss a 3-2-1 points system and why the NHL seems so against changing the rules to allow for more goals.
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It's Time For the NHL to Make the Goal Nets Bigger

Scoring in hockey is down. A simple solution? Make the nets bigger.
Dave Lozo

Fluky, Broken-Stick Goal Proves Machine-Like Carey Price Is Human

Price allowed a softie in overtime for his first loss of the season. It prevented him and the Canadiens from making history.
Kyle Cantlon

Jack Nicklaus Paid a Visit to Pump Up the Canadiens Before Bruins Game

Golfing great Jack Nicklaus paid the Canadiens a visit to read the starting lineup and give a pre-game pep talk.
Patrick Sauer

How the Canadiens' Smoking-Hot Start Compares to Last Year's Early-Season Surge

The Canadiens got off to the same blazing start last season. Is there reason to believe they won't crash and burn again?
Andrew Berkshire

Turns Out Shea Weber and the Montreal Canadiens Are Pretty Good

Weber has been a beast and Carey Price is healthy and doing Carey Price things, helping Montreal get off to a dominant start.
Kyle Cantlon
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With Carey Price Back, There's Reason for Hope Again in Montreal

Carey Price, the best goalie in the world, will be the deciding factor on whether the Canadiens are pretenders or contenders.
Andrew Berkshire
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Why the Hockey World Should Hold out (Some) Hope of Beating Team Canada Soon

Down Goes Brown lists eight reasons why hockey juggernaut Canada may not continue winning every major international tournament.
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