carlos beltran

carlos beltran

Astros Bury Carlos Beltran's Glove, Bat Comes to Life

Beltran has primarily been Houston's DH and hasn't needed to use his glove very often, so the Astros had a funeral for it on Monday. And then Beltran went out and hit a homer.
Sean Newell

How the Blue Jays Can Replace Encarnacion and Bautista, and Still Be Good

We look at potential targets the Blue Jays should explore this offseason in the event they lose their two free-agent sluggers.
Andrew Stoeten
tal's hill

The Last Stand for Tal's Hill at Minute Maid Park

The Astros are getting rid of Tal's Hill, one the most unnecessarily kind of awesome ballpark quirks, at the end of the season.
Patrick Sauer

Carlos Beltran Is No Longer Bald, Probably Thanks to a Marker

Carlos Beltran stopped shaving his head and is apparently now just painting it black.
Dave Brown

For The First Time In Generations, Youth Is Being Served In The Bronx

Under the Steinbrenners, the Yankees have made a policy of burying young players and buying expensive older ones. At the trading deadline, that all changed.
Steven Goldman
old man strength

The Best May Be Yet To Come For the Quietly Brilliant Carlos Beltran

He isn't spoken of as loudly as his contemporaries, but Carlos Beltran hasn't run out of hitting magic.
Mike Piellucci

Twins Scoreboard Was Announcing Trades That Hadn't Actually Happened

Don't believe everything you read during the trade deadline—even stuff you see at stadium scoreboards.
Dave Brown

The Yankees Are Playing Great. They Should Still Sell.

The Yankees have been very good in July, despite not really being very good. We'll see soon enough if they realize this, or if they're believing in magic.
Steven Goldman
this particular week in baseball

The Pomeranz Bounty, Seasick Mariners, and More: This Particular Week in Baseball

Dissecting the first big pre-deadline trade, figuring out what's wrong with the flailing Mariners, pondering the lot of the injured trade target, and other delights.
Matthew Kory

Your Guide to the Yankees' Awful, Awful Weekend of Clutch Hitting

Last weekend, the Yankees became the first team in more than two decades to go 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position in back-to-back games. Here's how it went.
Joseph Flynn

The Yankees Are Old, Off-Brand, And Good

For the longest time, the Yankees have defined themselves by tradition. The new version has replaced True Yankees with veteran mercenaries...and they're good.
Robert O'Connell