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Hundreds of Kids Across the Country Were Abused at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Report Reveals

In one instance, a fifth-grade boy tried to abuse, but employees didn’t tell police.
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More Than 300 Catholic Clergy in New Jersey Have Been Accused of Sex Abuse, Report Says

The report names priests, deacons, nuns, and other religious figures associated with the five Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey — including members of religious orders.
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Sexually abused Boy Scouts will soon have a chance to sue the organization into oblivion

Just a few months ago, many of the victims would have had no way to seek justice.
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Here's what Notre Dame looks like after a 9-hour fire

Four hundred firefighters managed to save the structure as well as several important pieces of religious art.
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The far right is trying to make crucifixes mandatory across Italy

Christian symbols are having something of a comeback in Italy — but not because of a religious awakening.
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Broken Faith: Inside the Catholic Church’s plan to quietly pay survivors of sexual abuse

The compensation programs are spreading just as states are trying to make it easier for child sex abuse victims to sue.
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The Catholic Church Has No Idea How to Win Over Young People

The Vatican's spiffy "Click to Pray" app isn't going to save it.
Alex Norcia
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Catholic Priests Keep Saying They Forgot About Sex Abuse

They seem to be the only people who cannot keep track of this crisis.
Alex Norcia
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Somehow, the Catholic Church Is Still Getting Worse

The latest horrific revelations of sexual abuse unpunished show, yet again, that the Church's first tactic is to make excuses and hide.
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Catholic Church in Illinois knew about sex abuse allegations against 500 priests but didn't tell anyone

“The dioceses also often found reasons to discredit survivors’ stories of abuse by focusing on the survivors’ personal lives,” the report notes.
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The Vatican Just Pulled Off Another Massive Dodge on Sexual Abuse

Sound familiar? This time, lawsuits and investigations are swirling.
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The U.S. Catholic Church is facing an unprecedented wave of sex abuse investigations

On Wednesday, Virginia became at least the 15th state where officials have announced a plan to investigate sex abuse allegations within the Catholic Church.
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