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Omhouse Show Us How Bad We Are at Talking to Each Other In "Aurock" Video

This is the Toronto rock group's first single from their upcoming album, 'Eye to Eye.'
Sarah MacDonald
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Airport Ad Removed for ‘Disrespect’ to Cows

We didn’t know cows could read.
Allison Tierney
The Holy Cow Issue

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE's April Issue

Photographer Tim Schutsky hung out with some eerie cows and played around with googly eyes to get the perfect shot for our April 2016 cover.
Tim Schutsky

We Discover the True Cost of a Dollar Burger on the New Episode of 'VICE' on HBO

Watch the trailer for this Friday's episode from season four of our HBO show, airing March 4 at 11PM.
VICE Staff

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Full Length)

Pro Snowboarder Mark Carter leads a double life. In the offseason, he works on his family ranch in Ten Sleep, but once winter hits, the cattle come into pasture and Mark hits the road to Jackson to shred lines in the Tetons.
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Mark Carter

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)

Herding Cattle and Shredding Powder in Carter Country (Trailer)
VICE Sports
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Somebody Is Carving Select Cuts From BC Cows and Leaving Their Corpses in the Field

At least the killers know where their meat is coming from.
Allison Tierney

Some Murderous 'Nazi Cows' Have Been Murdered in the UK

Farmer Derek Gow has had to mostly destroy a herd of cows that—sort of, kind of—were bred by Nazis. You're thinking about cows with very specific patches of black on their white, white hides, aren't you?
Joel Golby

The Bundy Ranch Standoff Was Only the Beginning for America's Right-Wing Militias

An armed showdown in the desert became a proxy war between the paranoid right and the federal government.
Grace Wyler

Even Putin Thinks the Drugs We Give to American Livestock Are Bad News

Eighty percent of American meat producers use ractopamine, a drug that’s added to livestock feed to accelerate the animals' weight gain, which results in cardiovascular stress, seizures, and hyperactivity in the creatures. It's so sketchy that even...
Lauren Rothman