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Doug Ford is Banning Cell Phones in Schools

Critics say that a blanket cell phone ban may be impossible to enforce, and also takes away a potentially powerful learning tool.
Tamara Khandaker
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Drunk Guy Tries to Bust into a Cockpit Saying He 'Needs' to Charge His Phone

C'mon man, take a nap or something.
Drew Schwartz
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FEMA Is Testing Presidential Phone Alerts from Trump You Can't Opt Out Of

The "presidential alerts" work just like tornado and flood warnings, and they'll reach nearly every cell phone in America.
Drew Schwartz
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I Tried to Cure My Smartphone Addiction Using My Smartphone

There are apps for that! And they're mostly worthless.
Nick Greene

It’s Slightly Less Shitty to Have a Phone in Canada Now

We’re still paying more than the rest of the world, but at least our contracts will be more readable.
Drew Brown

Is the Mexican Government Spying on Journalists?

On the season finale of 'CYBERWAR,' Ben Makuch investigates why government spyware is cropping up on Mexican reporters' smartphones.
VICE Staff
The Holy Cow Issue

Burner Phones Are Changing the Way People Illegally Cross the Mexican Border

​A technological arms race between migrants, cartels, and authorities is heating up at the Mexico-United States border. At its center? Cheap, pay-as-you-go phones.
Brian Anderson and Camilo Salas
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Never Mind the Cell Phones, Here's The 1975

“I guarantee you this moment will be more potent than a fucking video.”
Ian Cohen

We Know Terrifyingly Little About How Cops in New York Track Cell Phones

The NYPD has used StingRay trackers more than 1,000 times since 2008 for cases ranging from prank 9-1-1 calls to murder.
Max Rivlin-Nadler
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The NYPD Wants You to Stop Sleeping with Your Phone Under Your Pillow

The NYPD tweeted out a PSA showing terrifying photos of burned bedsheets left by a phone that overheated and exploded.
Gabriella Lewis

Seattle Man Cursed with the Burden of Having Sir Mix-a-Lot's Old Phone Number

It is as weird as you could imagine.
Drew Millard

​Everything We Know About the Stingray, the Cops' Favorite Cell Phone Tracking Tool

The more we learn about these fake cell phone towers that no one wants to talk about, the scarier it gets.
Lucy Steigerwald