Chemical Valley


Indigenous Woman Suing Ontario Over 'Chemical Valley' Pollution

A government whistleblower is suggesting “discriminatory attitudes” may be to blame.
Colin Graf

Protesters Keep Shutting Down the Line 9 Oil Pipeline

The most recent potentially dangerous act of shutting off and chaining themselves to the valve was done in the name of Indigenous land claims.
David Gray-Donald

Sarnia, Ontario Attempting to Patch Up its Deadly Fentanyl Problem

The small 'Chemical Valley' city has a Fentanyl death rate that is four times the provincial average.
Colin Graf

This Ontario First Nation Is Taking Its Fight for Pollution Data to the People

Aamjiwnaang Water Project is a crowdfunded campaign to pay for independent water and sediment tests.
Tannara Yelland

Enbridge Bailed On Its Own Open House in Aamjiwnaang

But they still gave out some environmental Starter Emergency Kits that are really only useful if you get lost in the woods.
Michael Toledano

Neil Young Says We’re Breaking Our Promise to the First Nations

At a press event earlier in the day, Neil Young told reporters that an oil sands extraction site was “one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.” That his celebrity was needed for attention to be paid to this issue, he told the press, was “a sorry state...
Michael Toledano

The First Nation People in Sarnia Are Pushing Back Against Fracking

On December 27th, First Nations protestors in Sarnia, Ontario, took to the streets once again to let Canadians know they don’t want to be the lab rats of the energy industry’s pollution experiments. While members of the Aamjiwnaang...
Colin Graf

Banned Chemicals Were Found in the Bloodstreams of Children in the Chemical Valley

Chemicals that were banned from use in the 40s and 50s are still ubiquitous in the Chemical Valley. So much so that they're showing up in the bloodstreams of children from the nearby First Nations reserve, Aamjiwnaang.
Patrick McGuire