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The Guide to Getting Into Cher, Pop Shapeshifter

Cher has reinvented herself about a dozen times in the 55 years since "I Got U Babe." Here's where to start with her treasure trove of hits.
Nick Levine
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Apparently Cher Is On Wu-Tang's 'Once Upon a Time In Shaolin' Album

U-God has confirmed it. "Wu Tang Cher Clan" lives.
Lauren O'Neill
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Hillary Was Great, but We Want a 'Fire and Fury' Audiobook by Cardi B

"This how he lives his life?"
Drew Schwartz
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Kim Kardashian West's Party Prep Playlist Is... Actually Good?

Cher, Lil' Kim, SZA, and of course, Kanye all appear on her new Spotify playlist.
Lauren O'Neill
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Here Are Cher and Future Singing Together as 2017's Greatest Musical Duo

Don't question it, just enjoy.
Phil Witmer
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Can Cher's Broadway Musical Ever Be as Good as Her 'West Side Story' Medley?

Please get ready for the greatest twelve minutes of your life.
Lauren O'Neill
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Why Exactly Are We So Obsessed With Songs About Heartbreak?

We spoke to a bunch of experts about why we like to scream Cher's "Believe" in the aftermath of a break-up.
Sammy Maine
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A Snapshot of the Music World's Reaction to Trump's Election Win

Reactions from Chance the Rapper, MIA, El-P, Earl Sweatshirt and more.
Noisey Staff

10 Reasons Why Cher's “Believe” Is the Biggest Club Record Ever

To celebrate Cher's 70th birthday we look back at the greatest emotional banger ever recorded.
Josh Baines
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Jennifer Lopez, Cats Boning, and Other Weird Shit Musicians Keep Faving on Twitter

I’m genuinely convinced they don’t realize we can actually see all this.
Daisy Jones

The Dying Art of Ridiculous Oscars Red Carpet Fashion

We spoke to designer Bob Mackie on the 30-year anniversary of him designing one of the most iconic, insane Oscar looks of all time.
Sami Knight

How an Oil Engineer Created Auto-Tune and Changed Music Forever

An interview with the revolutionary audio processor's inventor Andy Hildebrand.
Greg Eckard