Everything We Know About the Possible RCMP Raid on the Unist’ot’en Camp

The RCMP denies it was planning to send 200 officers into the camp for a mass arrest.


Chevron Preps Work on BC LNG Project Despite Hereditary Chiefs' Opposition

The mining giant says it has the "full support" of First Nations to start the project, but it's hardly guaranteed to happen.


Meet the Lawyer Chevron Tried to Destroy

Steven Donziger has fought for a decade to take Chevron for $10 billion, and all he has are extortion charges to show for it.


30,000 Ecuadorians Want Canada to take $10 Billion from Chevron to Clean Up the Amazon

A 20-year fight to make one of the world's largest companies pay to fix the mess it made has come to Canada. And things are about to get messier.


New Oil and Gas Pipelines Could Pose a Serious Threat to Canada’s North West

“This is not a feasible project. There’s too much opposition to it and we’re really not willing to risk our territories, our waters, for projects that aren’t even economically sound."


Oil and War

Despite the first major uprising in 1955, Sudan was eager to begin oil exploration, and in 1959 a collection of European and American companies began their search in the north.


Crude Journalism

In 2012, an explosion at a Chevron oil refinery in Richmond, California sent 15,000 people to the hospital. This year, the multi-national energy corporation funded the Richmond Standard, an online local newspaper that is decidedly positive about...


Hell Will Freeze Over Before Chevron Pays for Pollution

When 30,000 Ecuadorian villagers sued Chevron for devastating the Amazon with 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater, the US-based oil giant’s reply was simple: "We will fight the lawsuit until hell freezes over,” said a representative. “And then fight...


Romanians Are Fighting Fracking on Horseback

Zîna Domintean says riot cops beat her up and choked her with the Romanian flag while trying to clear the way for a shale gas fracking operation.


Romanian Villagers Managed to Keep Fracking Out of Their Backyard

Last week, 600 angry farmers from the village of Pungeşti protested to stall the Chevron bulldozers heading for their land, and they won at least a temporary victory when the company decided to delay operations in the area.