So Many Idiots Believe Chris Long's 2-Year-Old is On Twitter

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive end said that his two-year-old son became upset after *reading* a quote from Chris's brother Kyle, a guard for Chicago Bears, *on Twitter.*


NFL Players Got Creative With Tackling this Week

Houston Texans linebacker Jadaveon Clowney started pulling hair, while Chicago Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd went full-on WWE.


Packers Fan is Suing the Bears So He Can Wear Green Bay Gear on Field

A Packers fan, who is also the owner of 5 PSLs at Soldier Field, is suing the Bears because they won't let him wear his Green Bay gear for on-field season ticketholder experiences.


Bears WR Kevin White's Maserati Was Carjacked with Bump-And-Run Scheme

White's girlfriend was in the car when thieves bumped-and-ran off with the car.


Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter Account is Insanely Good

Mitchell Trubisky's Twitter account is a delight.


Is This Jay Cutler's Ass?

We try to get to the, er, bottom of this mystery.


Giving Mike Glennon $15 Million Is Not Crazy

A starting quarterback making $15 million in 2016 would have earned less than 23 other quarterbacks in the NFL.


​Ahem, The Bears Would Really, Really Like To Trade Jay Cutler

The market for Jay Cutler is, uh, not great.


Two NoDAPL Protesters Suspended from the Vikings Rafters With a Banner, One In a Favre Jersey

Seems like a win-win. Until they have to post bail.


Autopsy: Rashaan Salaam Died of Self-Inflicted Gunshot to Head

His family said he had shown symptoms associated with CTE.


Aaron Rodgers Throws Sumptuous 60-Yard Bomb to Set Up Game Winning Field Goal

It is like truffle topped with caviar, topped with Goldschlager​.


Throwback Thursday: When Gamblers Tried to Fix the NFL Championship

In 1946, gamblers asked two New York Giants to throw the NFL championship game, touching off a scandal that in some ways still resonates.