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I Was Tortured into Giving a False Confession to Chicago Police

"I never knew about cops setting people up until it happened to me."
Nicholas Cannariato

Chicago gang cops lied to judges so they could steal drugs, cash, and cigs, prosecutors say

Sgt. Xavier Elizondo and Officer David Salgado were supposed to help the city of Chicago fight gang violence and drug trafficking. Prosecutors say they made it worse.
Tess Owen
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Chicago cops killed a mentally ill teen — and then the city tried to sue his family

At first, the city of Chicago tried to blame the LeGrier family for Jones’ death.
Tess Owen
Chicago Police

The five most outrageous parts of the DOJ’s Chicago Police report

Keegan Hamilton

People in Chicago Don't Need a Report to Know the Cops Are Racist As Hell

From being used as target practice to enduring physical and verbal abuse to an utter lack of accountability, it's what locals have been saying all along.
Deborah Douglas

What We Know About the Double Killing by Chicago Cops This Weekend

A disturbed teenager and a middle-aged grandmother were shot to death by a police force that was already under intense scrutiny from all sides.
Matt Taylor

Why the Agency That's Supposed to Hold Chicago Cops Accountable Is Such a Failure

A veteran cop and independent police investigator explains why it's so hard to get the police under control in Chicago.
Justin Glawe

Finally, the Federal Government Is Investigating the Notoriously Brutal Chicago Police Department

The Department of Justice probe comes less than two weeks after the release of the graphic video of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot 16 times.
Justin Glawe

A New Database Reveals Just How Rarely Chicago Cops Get Punished

Data gathered from lawsuits and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests paint an ugly picture of police accountability in the Windy City, with whites getting their complaints addressed far more often than blacks.
Alison Flowers

The Horrifically Racist Photo That Led to the Firing of a Chicago Cop

Chicago Police Officer Timothy McDermott was fired last year for misconduct, and an old photo where he and another officer are holding rifles over a black man wearing antlers explains why.
Allie Conti

Talking to the Journalist Who Uncovered Police Torture in Chicago

"House of Screams" by John Conroy kicked off a decades-long effort to unravel the web of a Chicago cop's torturous ways. We asked him how it all went down and whether police in the Windy City have changed.
Justin Glawe

As Part of a Reparations Deal, Chicago Teens Will Learn About Police Brutality in School

As part of a massive deal to compensate survivors of police abuse, Chicago Public Schools will teach eighth and tenth graders about the horrific legacy of Jon Burge.
Alison Flowers