This Woman Killed Hundreds Of Elephants For Their Ivory. Cops Finally Caught Her.

Chinese criminal Yang Fenlan faces 15 years in prison for managing an organized group that poached endangered elephants
Edoardo Liotta
2 days ago
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It’s 2019 and Scientists Have Created Mind-Controlled Rat Cyborgs

A team in China figured out a way to take control of a rat and "steer" it through a maze with their thoughts.
Gavin Butler
2 days ago
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Teen Who Sold a Kidney for an iPhone Is Now Bedridden for Life

"Why do I need a second kidney? One is enough," said Wang Shangkun, who has since suffered organ failure.
Gavin Butler

China Just Likened Canada to a ‘Whore’ For Firing John McCallum

China’s state-run media is really unhappy with Justin Trudeau’s decision to fire his ambassador.
Tamara Khandaker

Huawei Executive Has ‘Strong’ Case Against Extradition Thanks to Donald Trump, Canadian Diplomat to China Says

Canada’s ambassador to China John McCallum says Meng Wanzhou can use Donald Trump’s political involvement in her case to fight extradition, along with two other legal arguments.
Tamara Khandaker

China to Seriously Start Hunting for Aliens in 2019

Astronomers think aliens from other galaxies could be trying to communicate with us so Chinese scientists built a huge telescope to find out.
Christine Barba

You Can Make $120,000 by Reporting Porn to the Police in China

The government recently doubled the bounty for pornbusters who snitch on people publishing illicit content.
Gavin Butler

Millennials in China Are Using Nudes to Secure Loans

Money lenders offering services like Afterpay are demanding that customers send naked selfies as collateral.
Gavin Butler
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No, China Hasn’t Hijacked Canadian Sea Sensors To Spy on US Subs

A report from the South China Morning Post got the alt-right all bothered, but a fact check shows otherwise.
Ian J. Keddie

Check Out This Totally Normal-Looking Building in China

Nothing to see here!
River Donaghey
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Kindergarten Welcomes Kids Back to School with a Professional Pole Dancer

A warm back-to-school welcome, indeed.
Drew Schwartz
climate change

The Glaciers on Earth's 'Third Pole' Are Bursting, Causing Deadly Floods

Climate change is creating yet another dangerous new phenomenon.
August Rick