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The Brutality of Hong Kong Police Is Putting Pro-Democracy Protesters in the Hospital

One protester was hospitalized for internal bleeding and a bone fracture after being beaten by police.
Tim Hume
a day ago

Everything You Need To Know About the Massive Canadian Spy Scandal

Cameron Ortis, one of the highest ranking intelligence officials in the country, was arrested and charged in connection to espionage last week.
Mack Lamoureux
3 days ago
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Trump's Latest Trade War Win Is Actually A Victory For China

The president claimed credit for a move China had been planning for months, and will benefit Chinese businesses far more than U.S. ones.
David Gilbert

Apple Disputes Google’s Claims of a Devastating iPhone Hack

Apple says that Google oversold the nature of the hack and that it quickly fixed the vulnerability.
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Bart Baker Quit YouTube — Now He’s Making a Living on the Chinese Internet

An ultra-successful YouTuber is hoping he can be big in China, without angering authorities.
Dexter Thomas
Karen Ye

Here's Why People in Hong Kong Are Terrified of Being Extradited to China

Forced disappearances and reports of torture mark President Xi Jinping's justice record.
Adriane Quinlan
Hong Kong

China Used Twitter Porn Bots to Spread Disinformation About The Hong Kong Protests

It also used long-standing accounts linked to K-pop and sports in a “blunt-force influence operation" to discredit the pro-democracy protests.
David Gilbert
hong kong protests

Hong Kong's Leader Finally Withdrew Her Controversial Extradition Bill. Protesters Say It's 'Too Little, Too Late.'

One prominent protest leader warns that the government will use the withdrawal as an excuse to repress protesters: "a full-scale clampdown is on the way."
David Gilbert

Review: Three Different Pairs of $30 Counterfeit AirPods

If AirPods are the crude results of capitalism's machinery, then what do counterfeit AirPods say about us?
Jason Koebler
Caroline Haskins

Hong Kong Police Have Started Arresting Pro-Democracy Protest Leaders

Activists say it's an attempt to intimidate protesters ahead of another weekend of demonstrations. They also say it won't work.
David Gilbert
Hong Kong

Chinese Military Vehicles Just Entered Hong Kong. Beijing Says There’s Nothing to Worry About.

Armored personnel carriers and armed helicopters crossed the border into Hong Kong, in what China insists are regular military exercises.
David Gilbert
hong kong protests

A Shadowy Website Is Offering Big Money For Hong Kong Protesters to Inform On Each Other

The site is backed by a pro-Beijing politician, and it's offering cash rewards for information about people who defaced Chinese flags during protests.
Tim Hume