Chris Bilton


Here's Every Pop Culture Anniversary Retrospective You'll Read in 2017

Get ready to be soaked in wet, wet nostalgia.


Legendary Filmmaker Paul Schrader Told Us Some Pretty Good Nicolas Cage Stories

"He was doing this sort of Bogart schtick, and I didn't care for it much, but I didn't want to pick a fight with him, I knew I could cut around it."


This 17-Year-Old Horror Director Has Made Two Feature Films Already So What Are You Doing with Your Life?

We talked to French filmmaker Nathan Ambrosioni about terrifying location shoots and bossing adults around on set.


Catching Up with the Baby from ‘Labyrinth’

Thirty years after David Bowie brought him to the goblin kingdom, Toby Froud has become the goblin king.


An Oral History of 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'

AKA the show that broke Drake.


We Hung Out in Ferris Bueller’s Bedroom With the Artists Who Recreated It

Who knew it would be so hard to find a Pepsi can from 1985?


This Trippy Wallpaper Installation Takes Staring at Walls to a Whole New Level

Milan design duo Carnovsky pack layers of hidden images into their first major North American RGB installation.


Getting Schooled on ‘Caginess’ by a Nicolas Cage Expert

"I think the biggest misconception about Nicolas Cage is that he can't act."


Deep Cover: What It Was Like Working as a Prison Guard at Sing Sing in the 1990s

Ted Conover discusses how little has changed in the 15 years since he infiltrated Sing Sing in order to write a book about the prison system.


These Young Filmmakers Are Bringing the Gangs of Brussels to the Big Screen

Black centres on gang violence and features an almost exclusively black and Moroccan cast.


Here Are the Monuments We Should Actually Build in Canada’s Parks Instead of Mother Canada

Cape Breton's proposed Mother Canada statue is just too controversial. Here are nine other proposals we should consider.