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Game Changers: Blackburn Rovers and Jack Walker’s Millions

In 1995, Blackburn Rovers were crowned Premier League champions. That success was financed by industrialist owner Jack Walker, who was in many ways the last of his kind.


Big Brother Is Watching You: Reviewing Chris Sutton On Match Of The Day

In the third segment of our Premier League Review, we baulk at the terrifying totalitarian takeover of the weekend’s football coverage by Chris Sutton.


A Lament For Chris Sutton, an Angry Pundit Caught By The Machine

Chris Sutton, Britain's most brutal football pundit, is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore.


The Immortal Wrath Of Chris Sutton: Previewing A Magnificent Match of the Day

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we speculate about a Match of the Day recall for Chris Sutton, in all his mighty and righteous rage.


The Incredible Brutality of Chris Sutton: Reviewing A Particularly Intense Match of the Day 2

In our second Premier League Preview, we praise Chris Sutton for lighting up our Sunday evenings in a firestorm of hyperbole, aggression and rage.