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We Talked with Director Alice Lowe About Her New Pregnancy Slasher Film

'Prevenge' is a gory horror movie that completely disrupts our view of mothers.


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Everyday Struggles of the Hairy Woman

The world is very unkind to those of us with extra follicle growth and won't let us forget it.


Everything Good in My Life Comes from Bunz, Too Bad It Might Land Me in the Slammer

Weed and booze trades are all well and good until it's a copper on the other end.


The ‘Hilarious’ ‘Satire’ of Nicole Arbour’s ‘Dear Feminists!’

Ms. Arbour. Satire. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


The Next Imperator Furiosa: Here Are the TIFF Films with the Most Badass Women

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Removing the Tampon Tax Is a Victory for My Bank Account, But it Doesn’t Change Period Stigma

Unfair taxes are the tip of the iceberg. How long will it take to stop the embarrassed giggles that accompany words like "tampon" and "pad"?


​Men Do Comedy Good: #FHRITP Edition​

Human decency should never come in the way of a substantial joke, lads.


I Had a Terrible One-Night Stand and All I Got Was a Bye Felipe Moment Years Later

When I received a message from a one-night-stand last month on my birthday, I was automatically suspicious of his well-wishes. Turns out I was right.


​An Open Letter To The Woman Who Asked Me To Kill Her Cat

Dear lady, I hope you die alone and that your cat feeds on you.


I Googled my Mother’s Maiden Name and Found My Family’s Violent Secret

I went to my mother's house with a fire lit under my ass, and before the door had even closed behind me, I blurted out, "Who is Emile Zarbatany?"


Collecting Nazi Junk at German Flea Markets Made Me a Better Person

Collecting Nazi memorabilia is messed up but it can also be educational.