Christy Clark

Canada 150

Here’s What the Future of Pipeline Protest Looks Like

Three generations of activists tell us where they see radical protest going.
Sarah Berman
sacred sites

BC confidence vote could prevent destruction of sacred Indigenous sites

The Site C dam will be sent back for review if the Greens and the NDP succeed in toppling the minority Liberal government.
Hilary Beaumont

Looks Like Christy Clark Won’t Stay Premier of BC After All

Green and NDP leaders just announced a collaboration deal that will likely unseat the longtime premier.
Sarah Berman

Vancouver Mayor Won’t Let BC’s Premier Forget Thousands Killed by Overdoses

After a close provincial election, Mayor Gregor Robertson told VICE what he expects of British Columbia’s as-yet-uncertain new government.
Sarah Berman

Ask Kady Anything: Deconstructing minority politics

Kady O'Malley breaks down the minority politics around forming government and coalition-building in Victoria
Kady O'Malley

BC Election Results in Liberal Minority, Greens Hold Balance of Power

BC's Green party poised to play a powerful role in a mysterious new coalition government.
Sarah Berman
canadian politics

Green party holds the balance of power for first time in Canadian history after BC election

The Liberals eked out a minority government win, but it's anyone's guess what happens next.
Justin Ling

Here’s What You Need to Know About BC’s Election

Like that English final you willfully forgot about, it might be time to study up for that vote on May 9.
Sarah Berman
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BC Makes It Illegal to Force High Heels on Workers

Bout freakin’ time.
Mack Lamoureux

First Nation Vote on Massive Gas Terminal Called Out by Band Members

Sixty-five percent voted in favour of moving forward with Canada's largest development proposal. Off-reserve members say poll was so rushed they didn't get ballots in time.
Sarah Berman

Is This First Nation Band Finally Voting on a Controversial BC Gas Terminal?

It's hard to tell, since the ballot question doesn't mention liquefied natural gas.
Sarah Berman
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BC to Tax Foreign Real Estate Investors Several Years Too Late

Investors from outside the country will have to pay an extra 15 percent, but it's not going to do much to help young people find an affordable place.
Sarah Berman