Chrystia Freeland


The Americas Want an Investigation Into Canada's 'Genocide' of Indigenous Women

The Organization of American States, which Canada is a part of, has asked Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland to form an expert panel to clarify the issue.


Canada is sanctioning 17 Saudis linked to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi

The sanctions freeze any Canadian assets held by the Saudis and blocks their entry into the country.


Iran has charged environmentalists with spying after they filmed a cheetah

Former McGill student Niloufar Bayani is among those arrested.


Canada Is Still Selling Military Gear to Repressive Regimes

From arming Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the war in Yemen to giving Turkey “riot control agents”—Canadian weapons are everywhere they shouldn’t be.


Canada is still calling out Saudi Arabia's human rights record

It has levelled a new round of criticism in the midst of an ongoing diplomatic spat with the oppressive regime.


What you need to know about the feud between Canada and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has retaliated against Canada's criticism of its human rights record by expelling the Canadian ambassador and pulling its own envoy.


Ranking the Best Insults in the Canada vs. USA War of Words

Donald Trudeau, Justin Trump, Angela Merkel. There can be only one.


Trump’s steel tariffs will hurt the U.S. much more than Canada

“They have millions of workers in industries that use Canadian steel and aluminium.”


Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau Definitely Talked Trump Over Dinner

Just a couple regular bros having dinner and talking politics.


Trump throws down the gauntlet on Canada’s dairy protectionism

While announcing his plans to ‘buy American, hire American,’ the president called out Canada for its collectivist cheese cartel


Canada’s foreign minister warns of Russian destabilization efforts — and she might be a target

Chrystia Freeland warned of Russian meddling as she announced an extension to Canada’s mission to train Ukrainian soldiers.


Canada is ready to join a lobbying fight against the Republicans’ tax overhaul plans

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister told House Speaker Paul Ryan that his border adjustment tax is a non-starter.