Jordan Peele’s 'Us' Is Not-so-Secretly About Class

Peele has managed to map an enemy that exists in all of “us.”


Paradise Papers Are Another Hit to Justin Trudeau’s ‘Middle Class’ Agenda

Democracy is used by the rich to play a shell game in a two-tiered legal system.


The Film that Helped Me Accept My Lower Class Roots

In Spike Lee’s ‘Crooklyn,’ I finally saw a functional family that didn’t rely on a middle class ideal.


The Big Tulisa Interview

She has spent nearly two decades refusing to pander to the classism and straight-up misogyny that has threatened to topple her career, and instead has emerged with her head held high.


Canada’s Justice System Is Totally Racist and Classist: Study Confirms the Obvious

The biggest predictor of police force size in Canadian cities is the number of visible minorities and marginalized populations, not crime.


Eurocentric Office Dress Codes Need to Go

Dress codes disproportionately target not just teenage girls in school, but people of colour, women of colour, LGBTQ students, and overweight people.


This Gay Orc Dating Sim Is All About Inclusivity and Diversity

'Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim' explores sexual diversity, ableism in gaming, and our uncomfortable relationship with mental illness.


The UK's New Government Healthcare Website Is Potentially Classist

The obsession with giving people choice could allow the bourgeoisie to swallow up all the best public hospital services.


Your Comments About the West London 'Selfies' Drugs Gang Pissed Me Off

It touched a nerve because one of the guys going to prison is my cousin, and he doesn't deserve your mockery.


In Defense of Times Square

New York has become an overpriced, creativity-stifling, bourgeoisie city. Times Square, on the other hand, remains beautifully full of chain restaurants and street vendors. It might be the only honest part of Manhattan left.


The Del Amo Fashion Center is America in Mall Form, Which Explains Why It’s Falling Apart

The Del Amo Fashion Center is a metaphor for America: a playground for the rich, a trap for the poor. Like America, it is only becoming further fragmented.


Starbucks’ Tuition Reimbursement Is Profoundly Depressing

The new Starbucks deal might seem like a win-win, but it's really just part of Howard Schultz's political agenda.