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Coca-Cola Heir Billionaire Arrested for Allegedly Filling Plane with Weed Plants

'Alki' David was arrested in St. Kitts after authorities allegedly found 5,000 cannabis plants, seeds, and CBD products on his private plane.
Jelisa Castrodale

Coca Cola is zeroing in on the cannabis market

The company says it's watching closely the CBD-infused drinks market, but declined to comment on a report it is in talks with Canada's third largest weed company.
Tamara Khandaker

A Joke Rapper Took Legal Action Against Coca-Cola with a Diss Track

Warning: this story contains high levels of Canada.
Phil Witmer
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Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Announcement Has Taken Its Rightful Place as Instagram's Most-Liked Photo

Yo Selena, I’m really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best Instagram photo of all time.
Lauren O'Neill
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Someone Shipped $55 Million Worth of Cocaine to a Coca-Cola Factory

A Coca-Cola plant in France opened a shipping container that was supposed to be full of juice and discovered around 800 pounds of blow.
Matthew James-Wilson
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Surge Soda Has Returned to 'Feed the Rush' Once Again

Now you can track down a six-pack of Surge and relive your caffeinated childhood glory days.
Scott Masters Pierce

Sponsors Can Fix FIFA, But Not In The Way You Think

In which we play the undesirable guessing game of whether FIFA or other for-profit multinational corporations is more likely to enact change.
Aaron Gordon
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Rita Ora on First Kisses, Failure, Fashion Faux Pas and More

We snuck on the set of David LaChapelle's Coca-Cola shoot to talk to the campaign's star, Rita Ora.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Seattle Has a Haunted Soda Machine

Seattle has a lonely, outdated soda machine that has been spitting out canned beverages for upwards of 15 years—but no one seems to know who restocks, maintains, or collects money from the thing. It also births a random selection of sodas from its...
Hilary Pollack
Popping the Marks

What the WWE Can Learn from Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl Ad

You don’t have to actually like or respect your customers, but you have to pretend.
Michael Muhammad Knight

#CokeREDMoves - Move For The MOVEment With Coca-Cola & (RED)

Every day 700 babies are born with HIV. You can help get that number close to zero. Just by dancing.
VICE Thump

Coffee, Coca, and Government Favors

If you hate the War on Drugs, Ricardo Cortés should be one of your favorite illustrators. I talked to him about his book, 'A Secret History of Coffee, Coca, & Cola,' which, documents the cozy relationship that Coca-Cola had with the US government's...
Harry Cheadle