Investing in Nostalgia is Possible Even if You Didn’t Grow Up in the 80s

We talked to a Magic: The Gathering investor (yes, it’s totally a real thing) about how to make money in collectibles.
Kate Fane

Meet the Guy with the World’s Largest Mr. T Collection

We pity the fool who doesn't appreciate Greg "Mishka" Rivera's unrivaled collection.
Nick Gazin
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Meet The Man Who Owns Over 400 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Cards

Like many kids his age, Lucas Stallbaumer idolized Ken Griffey Jr. and chased his Upper Deck rookie card. The thing is, he just never stopped chasing it.
Joe DeLessio
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Meet the Guy Who Sells Star Wars Heels for $300

Dan Sullivan talks about his customers, his craziest designs, and how exactly he incorporated a flashing lightsaber and Darth Vader sound effects into a pair of shoes.
Sirin Kale
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Is the Junk I Collected as a 90s Kid Actually Worth Money Today?

I still have heaps of pogs, Pokémon cards, and Beanie Babies clogging up my parents' closets—could my preteen hoarding habits help pay my rent?
Allie Conti
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The Greatest Sports Card Collection Ever Is Finally Where Everyone Can See It

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has owned the greatest card collection ever for nearly 70 years, and kept it mostly out of sight. Now, slowly, it is arriving online.
Joe DeLessio

Candid Photos of the Heroes, Villains, and Pikachus at New York Comic Con

VICE sent two photographers to snap pics of the legions of Spider-Men and Saiyans who invaded Manhattan this weekend.
Elizabeth Renstrom
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The True Story of the Goofiest Basketball Cards Ever Made

The NBA of the 1990's was a different, smaller, and more innocent thing. These goofy basketball cards by NBA HOOPS are proof. Here's how they came to be.
Pete Croatto
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Does Anyone Actually Give a Shit About Video Game Achievements?

Aside from the whole "100 percent completion" thing, they really don't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever.
Matt Porter