These Artists Are Rejecting Lazy Stereotypes About Muslim Women

London-based art collective Muslim Sisterhood want to “represent ‘normal’ Muslim girls who aren’t bloggers, fashionistas or Bake Off winners.”
Isaine Blatry
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Toronto Producer Kaade's Debut Single "All The Air" is a Synth-Pop Ode to Self-Worth​

"I want people to feel good and dance while dismissing those who have wasted their time."
Corinne Przybyslawski
Best of 2016

Best Collective: Honey Soundsystem’s Sweat-Drenched Year

We caught up with the San Francisco queer DJ crew to reflect on their biggest highlights of 2016.
Alex Suskind
Features Are the Montreal Collective Making Music for the Approaching Singularity

Following sets at Canada's most groundbreaking electronic festivals, the duo behind Sibian & Faun discuss their new audiovisual group.
Vincent Pollard
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Go On an Interplanetary Journey with These Two Tracks from Montreal's Tc All-Stars

Hear the first single "Woove/Wooze" from the newly-formed anonymous production collective.
Max Mertens

Gnod Is Sometimes Sludgy, Always Loud, and Never Bored on Its New Album 'Mirror'

Check out a new video from this wildly experimental band of Northern English Michael Jackson enthusiasts.
J.R. Moores
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Lum Takes Those Traditional Love Song Qualities to Boogie Town in “Kissing”

The 'OG daddy' of the Toronto collective Bedroomer pleases ears and hips yet again.
Rachael D’Amore

If You Have to Join a Music Cult, Make it Canada's Shifty Bits

A group of artists in Fredericton, New Brunswick are doing their best to get noticed in the sleepy city.
Dylan Hackett
Ink Spots

Talking About Women of Color in the Arts with Feminist Zine 'OOMK'

The magazine's all about sisterhood for female artists of color and faith.
Rose Nordin and Sofia Niazi

The Noisey Guide to Starting a Hip-Hop Collective

It starts with a Tumblr account...
Ryan Bassil