To Hell And Back

All These Metal Reissues Are Going to Kill Me

On the evolving dialectics of metal materialism and some killer new tunes from Anicon, Down Among the Dead Men, Churchburn, and more.
Kim Kelly

All Your Favourite Movie Posters Were Designed by Bill Gold and Now He's Dead

The iconic artist died age 97.
Patrick Marlborough
Important Questions Raised By...

Does Anyone Still Give a Shit About Record Store Day?

Has it been ruined by major label releases and weasels flipping everything on eBay or is it still "Christmas" for music fans? We asked the people of Sheffield.
Daniel Dylan Wray

This Guy Loves His 13,000 Pens

The Norwegian photographer Kristine Wathne recently embarked on a quest to document some of her country's strangest collections.
Kristine Wathne

The World's Largest Private Sports Memorabilia Collection Is On Display—For Now

After more than two decades, super collector Gary Cypres finally opened his legendary memorabilia collection to the public. But the display, and the collection itself, won't last forever.
Louis Keene

What Some of the World's Biggest 'Playboy' Collectors Think of Its Nudity-Free Rebrand

The magazine's decision to move away from full nudity made headlines and resulted in a spat between Hugh Hefner's son and the company he founded. But what do the magazine's biggest fans think?
Dana Schwartz
prehistoric capitalism

The Greatest Sports Card Collection Ever Is Finally Where Everyone Can See It

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has owned the greatest card collection ever for nearly 70 years, and kept it mostly out of sight. Now, slowly, it is arriving online.
Joe DeLessio

Meet the UK's Most Obsessive Board Game Collectors

One has over 2,700 board games in his house, and estimates the collection is worth over $125,000.
James Read

These People Spend Thousands of Dollars Buying 'Haunted Dolls' from eBay

The purportedly possessed children's toys can sell for as little as $45 and for more than $1,500.
Jak Hutchcraft

Meet the Men Who Collect British Murder Memorabilia

There's a small but dedicated community of "murderabilia" collectors in the UK. I went to meet a couple of them.
Will Nott