Who the Hell Is Sebastian Maniscalco?

He's the host of this year's MTV Video Music Awards, but also... whomst?
Alex Zaragoza
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This Dystopian Game Show Wants to Pay off Your Student Loans

Three contestants, three rounds of trivia, and a lot of prize money. Except the real goal here isn’t just to win cash, it’s to help fight America’s student debt crisis.
Dexter Thomas
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A Comedian Licked and Kissed a CBC Reporter On Live TV

The comedian, who has been identified by his peers as Boyd Banks, has been accused of assault and harassment on social media.
Mack Lamoureux

This Joel Osteen Impersonator Conned His Way into a Massive Church Event

VICE went to LA to meet Michael Klimkowski, a struggling comedian who made headlines with his spot-on impersonation of the televangelist.
VICE Staff
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Jim Carrey's Presidential Portrait of Trump Belongs in the Smithsonian

"You Scream. I Scream. Will We Ever Stop Screaming?" is nothing short of a masterpiece.
Drew Schwartz
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This Japanese Comedian Celebrated New Year's in Blackface

Desus and Mero talk about what went down on the comedy show, and other moments when Japanese celebrities donned the problematic makeup.
Sarah Bellman
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Jerry Seinfeld Revisits All His Old Jokes in a New Netflix Special

The streaming service just dropped a few teasers for 'Jerry Before Seinfeld' ahead of its September premiere.
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That Time Andy Dick Got Too Drunk and Ruined Christmas

The comedian explains how he managed to black out on Christmas Eve and pee all over his kids' stockings on Thursday's episode of 'PARTY LEGENDS.'
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Hannibal Buress Tells Desus and Mero What It's Like to Be 'Medium Famous'

The comedian stopped by the VICELAND show to talk about being popular—but not that popular.
Sarah Bellman
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Obama Will Hit the 'Daily Show' for His Last Late-Night Stop as President

The interview will be Obama's first conversation with Trevor Noah since the comedian took over for Jon Stewart.
Lauren Messman
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Chris Rock Is Going on His First Major Stand-Up Tour in Nine Years

"Haven't done it in a while. Been a little busy, you know, writing 'Pootie Tang 3' and everything. But hey, it's time."
Lauren Messman
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The VICE Interview: Dane Cook

We asked Cook all the questions the polarizing comic has never been asked before.
Howard Shefman