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I Love My Wife So We Went to See Britney Spears and the Vegas Porn Expo

I knew I was going to marry her the day she choreographed a routine to "Toxic."
Chris Nieratko

We Saw Skrillex Open for Guns N’ Roses and It Made Us Believe in America Again

What do Axl Rose and Sonny Moore have in common? We went to the band's Houston show to find out.
Andy O'Connor

Artbeat Montreal’s Fifth Anniversary Party Proved Why the City’s Electronic Scene is Stronger Than Ever

Photos from the one-night-only "piu piu" celebration featuring High Klassified, Tommy Kruise, Lou Phelps, and more.
Darcy MacDonald
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What a Time to Be Disclosure: Dance Music’s Pop Tipping Point

“This is our first-ever arena concert. On the week of our brand new album coming out, this is a dream!”
Andrea Domanick
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Shut Up About the "Fuck PETA" Controversy, Tanya Tagaq Puts on the Best Live Show I've Ever Seen

Modern art met ancient culture, and the result was explosive.
Kim Kelly

Interpol Is Back to Defy All Dad-Rock Expectations

Interpol followed a common post-punk revival pattern: first album great, second album pretty good, everything thereafter too convoluted by overproduction, band drama, and hair stylists. But the band's new album is a genuinely impressive comeback.
Charlie Ambler
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Seether Is the Most Average Band Ever to Exist and That's Cool

We attended a Seether concert in 2014 and this is our story.
Zachary Lipez