How 'Queer Eye' Helped Jess Guilbeaux Find Her Voice in Conservative America

We talked to the show's first Black lesbian star about regaining her confidence and using her platform to help others like her.
Taylor Hosking

Trump's Only Coherent Ideology Is Making You Mad

The only politics the right-wing knows how to champion is the politics of punching down.
Eve Peyser

Roger Ailes Broke America, Then Died

The FOX news founder who died Thursday taught America how to get angry about politics on TV—and helped make Donald Trump president.
Rick Perlstein
The Restless Youth Issue

Is This Campus Crusader the Face of Conservative Activism?

A University of Michigan junior is determined to make the conservative voice heard at the famously liberal institution he loves dearly.
Annalies Winny
Hollywood: The Next Chapter

Does the Classic Hero Narrative Have an Inherent Liberal Bias?

Liberalism in Hollywood has been pissing off conservative bloggers lately. But do screenplays themselves tilt to the left simply because the free market craves those kinds of stories?
Mike Pearl
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Angela Merkel Wants to Ban Full-Face Veils in Germany

"The full veil is not appropriate here, it should be forbidden wherever that is legally possible. It does not belong to us."
Lauren Messman

​Nero, Nazis, and the New Far Right: The Phenomena of the Professional Troll

Call it the Donald Trump effect. It doesn't matter if the trolls believe what they are saying if their followers believe it.
Jake Kivanc

Mashrou' Leila Are Banned from Jordan for Supporting LGBTQ Rights but Refuse to Be Censored

We talk to the wildly popular Lebanese band about their recent ban in the wake of the Jordanian conservative authorities pressuring the country's Ministry of Tourism.
Mary von Aue
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked a Fascism Expert if Donald Trump Is a Fascist

She said he's "not principled enough to be a fascist."
Mike Pearl

I Spent the Day with Albertan Conservatives Who Think We Are ‘Generation Screwed’

This is what happened when I met Ezra Levant while wearing a Justin Trudeau sweater.
James Wilt

Alberta’s Wildrose Party Is Pranking Everyone

Here's indisputable proof that the Wildrose Party is in fact a crew of performance artists who are trying their very best to KO Alberta's wounded conservative movement and make way for a full-blown socialist utopia.
James Wilt
college football

Alabama-LSU, And The Delights Of Anti-Modern Football

Four years removed from "The Game of the Century," Alabama and LSU remain national championship contenders, and are still playing conservative, smashmouth football.
Michael Weinreb