The Awful Things Men Say to Women at Work Parties

Guys, please don’t tell women we look “fertile.”


Sex, Drugs, Nails: Talking to Lenny Dykstra About His Wild, Reckless Ride Through Life

Lenny Dykstra played the game hard on the field, and played dangerously hard off it. He wound up in prison for it, but his new memoir isn't about regrets.


Lucas Duda Is Finally Making Himself At Home At First

Lucas Duda took the longest possible route to prominence, with misbegotten stops in the outfield and on the wrong side of a platoon. Now, finally, he's arrived.


VICE Sports Q&A: Former Laker Rick Fox talks about his new Esports team

Rick Fox used video games to bond with his son while he was playing in the NBA. Now he's investing in the growing Esports movement.


Talking, Selling, And Wrestling: A Conversation With Jim Ross

Jim Ross is the voice of wrestling for something like three generations of fans. Now he's the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the wildest indie promotion out.


Talking With Stephen Hopkins, Director Of "Race"

A conversation with the director of the new film "Race" on Jesse Owens' iconic run at the 1936 Olympics, bringing history to life, and sports as psychology lesson.


"I'll Wear The Loser Crown": A Conversation with Chris Kasick, "Uncle Nick" Director and Sad Cleveland Sports Fan

"Uncle Nick" is an anti-Christmas movie built around a scuzzy hornball uncle and the generation-spanning crappiness of Cleveland sports. It's a comedy, all right.


A Family Christmas Conversations Survival Guide

We've prepared a cheat sheet of conversation starters, fillers, and finishers to carry you through to December 26.


Talking With David Raymond, The Original Phillie Phanatic, About The Mascot Hall of Fame And Mascots in 2015

There's no one more qualified to open a Mascot Hall of Fame than David Raymond, who changed the mascot game forever. He's still phanatical about the art form.


"I've Had Guys Get Me Into Headlocks:" Talking With The Directors of "Lucha Mexico"

Documentarians Ian Markiewicz and Alexandria Hammond spent four years around Lucha Libre, capturing its biggest and most brutal moments and its small, human ones.


This Guy Wants to Open a Permanent “Death Cafe” for People to Talk About Dying

Jon Underwood has been hosting death cafes in the basement of his home since 2011, but now he wants to run one full-time.


David Roth's Weak In Review: Mike Napoli's Lightning In A Bottle And Beard Tincture, And Other October Delights

A frank conversation about the end of the baseball season, the beginning of the postseason, and how Bud Norris' idiocy brings us all together.