Pudge, Raines, Bagwell Elected to Join Bud Selig in Cooperstown

Former Padres relief pitcher Trevor Hoffman just missed the 75 percent threshold, falling five votes short of election.
Eric Nusbaum

How the MLB Draft Does and Doesn't Predict MLB Greatness

How does a person go from teenage ballplayer to all-time great? For players born in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, it starts with getting drafted.
Christopher Crawford

Larry Walker Belongs in Cooperstown

The former MVP's numbers are Hall of Fame worthy, and playing at Coors Field shouldn't be held against him.
Andrew Forbes

Dan Shaughnessy Won't Vote Curt Schilling into Hall of Fame Because of His Journalist Lynching Tweet

Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy is invoking the character clause against Curt Schilling because of his attack against journalists.
Patrick Sauer
Vladimir Guerrero

Put Vladimir Guerrero in the Hall of Fame, Dammit

Vladimir Guerrero was so much damn fun, he has to be in the Hall of Fame.
Patrick Sauer
pete rose

Pete Rose Writes Letter to Cooperstown in Effort to Circumvent MLB-Imposed Hall Ban

Pete Rose got a lawyer and wrote a letter to the Hall of Fame asking it to allow the BBWAA to vote on him for consideration for enshrinement.
Patrick Sauer

The Baseball Hall of Fame Is Exclusive For Fans, Too

Unfortunately, the Baseball Hall of Fame isn't just for one percent of former players—it's for one percent of fans. For a game that is at its best when it's diverse and inclusive, that's a problem.
Eric Nusbaum

Mike Piazza Is a Legend the Mets Can Call Their Own

The New York Mets have always had uneasy relationships with their most iconic players, but Mike Piazza was an exception—a great player who left a great legacy.
Jerry Beach

Bob Elliott, Generous Friend and Hall of Fame Writer, Retires after Four Decades on Baseball Beat

Fans in Canada know Bob Elliott as the most important writer ever to cover baseball in this country.
John Lott

The Cooperstown Case for David Ortiz and Designated Hitters

The Baseball Hall Of Fame is a fun place to visit, but pretty backwards in some important ways where history is concerned. David Ortiz could be a victim of that.
Steven Goldman
ineffable junior-ness

The Inimitable Superstardom of Ken Griffey, Jr.

Ken Griffey, Jr., always seemed like a Hall of Famer, and will be one soon. More impressive is how few Hall of Famers were ever as beloved and undeniably great as Junior.
Michael Baumann
pedro martinez

Pedro Martinez Had a Blast During his Hall of Fame Induction

Pedro Martinez was last to speak, and he was the best. Funny, proud, inspiring, he touched all the bases.
Sean Newell