Inventor Sentenced to Life for Murder of Journalist Kim Wall on Submarine

A Danish court found Peter Madsen guilty of "premeditated killing" on Wednesday.


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Inventor Charged with Killing Journalist Kim Wall Aboard Submarine

Peter Madsen, 47, could face life in prison.


Inventor Admits to Dismembering, Not Killing, Journalist Kim Wall on Submarine

Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who still claims he didn't kill Wall, is now saying the journalist died from carbon monoxide poisoning.


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Finnair is changing the Satanic flight number after more than a decade of service straight into the gates of HEL.


Missing Journalist's Body Identified After Bizarre Submarine Incident

Danish police have found part of Kim Wall's body near Copenhagen's coast after a local inventor admitted she died onboard his homemade vessel and that he "buried her at sea."


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