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  • I Got Raped, Then My Problems Started

    One out of six American women has been the victim of rape or attempted rape. I am one of those women. I was sexually assaulted in 2010, but thanks to an aggressive, well-paid defense lawyer, my attacker ended up walking free.

  • Stop SWAT Raids

    Introducing Bad Cop Blotter, a new column where dangerous, arrogant, and stupid police behavior gets shamed, and good officers—on occasion—get praised. This week, we're looking at horrifically botched SWAT raids and more than one case of cops shooting...

  • Rich Paul Is Appealing His 81-Year Prison Sentence for Selling Pot

    A jury found Rich Paul guilty last month and sent him away for a long, long time for a nonviolent crime. But he's appealing—even though he admittedly sold weed to an FBI informant—on the grounds that that jury wasn't properly informed about their...

  • Kat Stacks Is a Real American Hero, Bitch

    A former prostitute turned loudmouth rap groupie seems like an unlikely poster child for the immigration movement in the US. But not only has Kat Stacks become a symbol for undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children, her story is so...