Craft Beer


The Craft Beer Community Is Finally Trying to Tackle Its Race Problem

After a virulently racist email was sent to a Black beer writer suggesting she didn't belong in the industry, the beer world is rallying around her online.


Enter Thrash Zone, a Japanese Metal Bar Where 'Extreme Beer' Is Everything

In 2006, there was nowhere in Japan to listen to face-melting riffs while drinking beer that tastes like Hell's bongwater. Then Koichi Katsuki came along.


I Quit My Job Because Craft Beer Is Awesome

Why one woman left a desk job in communications and started a beer company with her sister.


Exploring Portland's Craft Brewery Scene on 'BEERLAND'

Tune into the season premiere on VICELAND Thursday, along with a new episode of 'IT'S SUPPERTIME!'


This Craft Beer Forces You to Confront White Supremacy

At Black Star Line Brewing, racial uplift and intersectionality are entwined with every beer they brew, right down to their queer-farmed hops.


A Danish Brewery Is Making Beer With 13,000 Gallons of Music Festival Piss

Denmark's Agriculture and Food Council​ gives the endeavor a thumbs up, calling it "beercycling"—but would you drink it?


A 'Beer Suicide' Is the Perfect Drink if You Want Everyone at the Bar to Hate You

A beer suicide is a mixture of all the drafts together in one glass. Sometimes it's dark, sometimes it's fruity, but it's always weird as hell.


Being a Craft Beer Brewer Is Just as Chill as You Think

In this edition of First-Person Shooter, we sent some cameras to a guy who makes quality beer at a microbrewery in Oregon. Based on his photos, we think he has one of the best jobs.


Hanson Is So Hot Right Now

Zac Hanson talks craft beer, the legacy of “MMMBop,” and the band’s Roots & Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour.


A Love Letter to Britain's Most Despised Chain Pub

JD Wetherspoon, you deserve far more affection than you're given.


New Hampshire’s Libertarian Beer Renaissance

Kevin Bloom, a member of the Free State Project, has led a push to loosen New Hampshire's brewery laws. Now, he's about to open a conspiracy-themed bar of his own.


Your Favorite Beer Could Be Threatened By California's Drought

Over 90 percent of the state is now classified as being in a "severe drought," which is seriously bad news for the state's breweries, which need a ton of water to make beer.