Cricket in South Africa Is Transforming, But There's Still Much to Be Done

Since instituting a quota system at the top level of the sport, the face of Cricket South Africa has changed, but racial resentment and the lack of opportunities and funding are still problems.
Lungani Zama

A Century in the Making: Temba Bavuma

As the first black African batsman specialist for the National team, Temba Bavuma is changing the face of cricket in South Africa.
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Watch Cricket Bowler Nonchalantly Make Catch on a Screaming Comebacker

Come for the catch by Hobart Hurricanes bowler Jofra Archer, stay for his reaction.
Liam Daniel Pierce

88-Year-Old Former Australian PM Bob Hawke Pounds a Cold One at Cricket Match

The old-timer has a tradition of pounding a brew at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
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Ben Stokes is the Biggest Trash Talker in Cricket

We caught up with the highest-paid English cricketer in the IPL to check out where he works, plays, and gets tatted up.
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Ben Stokes Is the Biggest Trash Talker in Cricket

Ben Stokes is no ordinary cricketer; he's tatted in sleeves with a brash personality better suited for a fight promoter than cricket whites, Stokes is the new face of English cricket.
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the cricket test

The Legacy of ‘Cricket Test’—A Tory Yardstick For Immigrant Integration

Speaking in 1990, Conservative grandee Norman Tebbit suggested immigrants could not be truly loyal to Britain without supporting the England cricket team. His comments have shown remarkable longevity, regardless of their lack of merit.
Will Magee

Cricketers Find Themselves in a Sticky Wicket After Ball Gets Lodged Between Batsman's Thighs

India and Australian cricketers wrestle to the ground as they try to catch a ball stuck between an Australian batsman's legs.
Mike Vorkunov
ben stokes on a test cricket ting

Rediscovering The Spirit Of English Test Cricket: In Conversation With Ben Stokes

Having just taken the Test vice captaincy, Ben Stokes is hoping for a resurgence in the fortunes of English cricket. Here, we talk Alastair Cook, the 2005 Ashes series, and whether or not any England cricketers read VICE.
Will Magee
breaking the sporting boycott

The Sports Teams Who Defied The Apartheid Boycott of South Africa

While apartheid South Africa came under blanket boycott from many international sporting bodies, there were teams who defied the ban. Those included England cricket and rugby sides, which led to bitter acrimony at home.
Will Magee
oh when mumbai go marching in

In Search of India's Football Culture with Mumbai FC's Yellow Brigade

Cricket is king in India, while football has tended to be overlooked. Could that ever change? We spent time at Mumbai FC and spoke to an Englishman playing in the country to get a feel for India's football culture.
Kit Caless

"That's a Bit of Pinprick": Cricket Commentator Continues Calling Match During His Own Vasectomy

A doctor was slicing into his balls while he called a cricket match.
Sean Newell