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Oprah's 'When They See Us Now' Special Shows the Scars the Series Didn't Heal

The exonerated men, formerly known as the Central Park Five, still struggle with trauma as they fight for systemic change.
Taylor Hosking
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The Prison System Is a Nightmare, but Not for the Reasons You Think

How it's become an agency of social control.
Seth Ferranti
Noisey News

Jay-Z Says "Probation is a Trap" In a Searing New Op-Ed

He addressed the plight of Meek Mill and millions of others for the New York Times.
Noisey Staff
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Why Are Twice the Number of Black Women Imprisoned for Drug Crimes in the UK Than White Women?

In the UK, for every 100 white women handed custodial sentences for drug offences in 2014, 227 black women were imprisoned.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and Ella Wilks-Harper
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Exploring the Mental Health Crisis in Britain's Prisons

The police, the probation service and the country's health services are all feeling the strain of dealing with offenders with mental health problems—and in many cases failing.
Mark Wilding

The Details of The 'Keep Your Knees Together' Re-Trial Will Horrify You

For the second time in a row, the justice system put the complainant through hell.
Manisha Krishnan

Ex-Cons Remember Their Worst Jobs After Being Released from Prison

From a gig as a farm hand that involved fixing a cow's prolapsed vagina, to a job that involved picking up trash while walking through raw sewage.
Seth Ferranti

'The Night Of' Shows Us More Ways the Criminal Justice System Traps People

HBO's legal drama is not a show about justice, but the justice system. And never has that difference been more apparent than on Sunday's episode.
Harry Cheadle
Life Inside

What I’ve Learned as a Jail Doctor

The exam room was set up so the inmate sat between me and the bright red panic button.
Alia Moore
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How Britain's Most Notorious Reformed Criminal Is Helping Offenders Navigate the Law

Jason Coghlan was jailed for armed robbery before finding an even more lucrative pastime: studying law to cater to gangsters in Spain.
VICE Staff
The Prison Issue

What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse?

A group of inmates calling themselves the Dallas Six banded together and grew committed to bringing their prison's abusive conditions to light, even in the face of being confined there longer.
Molly Crabapple
The Prison Issue

A Former Inmate at Rikers Island Becomes One of Its Overseers

After spending more than ten years in New York's prisons and jails, Stanley Richards has been dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated since he was released in 1991.
Raven Rakia