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Ronaldo is an Icon of Corruption in Sports

Instead of focusing on Ronaldo the mega-star, focus on the athlete embedded in a deeply corrupt and exploitative system. Then you might see this for what it is: a story about the total lack of accountability for men who see themselves as above the law.
Brenda Elsey and Jennifer Doyle
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Biggest Myths Busted During the Group Stage of the World Cup

After a thrilling two weeks, we've learned that a bunch of early-tournament narratives have turned out to be false as we head into the knockout stage.
Daniel Squizzato
World Cup

Ronaldo Seals World Cup Hat Trick on Gorgeous Free Kick

Ronaldo's scorcher brought Portugal level with Spain at 3-3.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Champions League

Ronaldo Scorches Bicycle Kick Against Juventus

The walking statue has scored two goals for Real Madrid in Champions League play today and the second was an absolute sparkler.
Sean Newell
What If

Steph Curry Kicks in Long Bomb, Is Officially Unstoppable

Perhaps the Golden State star should be pulling double duty for the Warriors and USMNT.
Liam Daniel Pierce
New music

Listen to Run the Jewels' Storming 'FIFA 18' Soundtrack Cut "Mean Demeanor"

Behold: Cristiano Ronaldo and Killer Mike in the same digital space.
Phil Witmer
El Assico

The Miami El Clásico Is Already the Silliest El Clásico

The mayor of Miami welcomed "Rolando" to his fair city—and that's just the jumping off point.
Liam Daniel Pierce
confederations cup

Mexico Chip Keeper With Header, Ronaldo Nets 75th for Portugal

Hotter than a Model United Nations afterparty.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Ronaldo Reportedly Wants to Leave Real Madrid

After being accused of tax fraud, the luxury underwear salesman wants to leave Spain.
Sean Newell

Mandžukić Wipes the Smirk off Ronaldo's Face with Gorgeous Bicycle Kick Golazo

Ronaldo scored in the 20th minute, but the response from Mandžukić was (kisses fingers).
Liam Daniel Pierce
La Liga

Cristiano Ronaldo Heads In 367th Goal to Become Top Scorer in Europe's Top Six Leagues

It's an impressive tally, and I'm sure we won't hear the end of it—from him—for a long time.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Paid Out $375,000 to Alleged Rape Victim

There's a constellation of loose parts that string together something of a complete narrative of the alleged incident and a connection to Ronaldo, but there is no direct evidence of the rape and the hush money payment.
Liam Daniel Pierce