Someone Decapitated and Ripped the Wings Off 14 Geese In Toronto

"This definitely was not another animal attacking these geese."


Life Inside Louisiana's Leprosy Quarantine Was Horrific and Inspirational

The stigma and lack of understanding of the disease shaped every facet of life for patients there, who started their own businesses, founded a newspaper, and used their own currency.


I Spent a Day Watching a Bunch of Men Whip Horses in Romania

Every Tuesday, the people of Titu meet up to show off their horses and terrorize them a little.


An Australian Crossbow Enthusiast Is on a Kangaroo Killing Spree

The bodies of 13 kangaroos have been found around Melbourne's northeast suburbs, and the killer remains at large.


An Australian Vegan Restaurant Refused to Exterminate Its Cockroaches Because It Didn't Want to Kill Animals

The owner of Canberra's Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant said he knew his kitchen had an infestation but didn't want to harm the "little insects."


I Slept with My School Teacher, and It Was Great—but the Aftermath Was Terrible

He got me drunk in a brightly-lit bar and then broke my teenage heart.


Look on Mike Tyson, Ye Mighty, and Despair

Mike Tyson is a motherfucker. Mike Tyson is a scientist of pain. Mike Tyson's prefight music is just noise. Mike Tyson is afraid of everything and everything is afraid of Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson is a God.