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To Hell And Back

You'll Never Listen to All the Music You Want to Hear Before You Die

We'll never fully catch up, so settle in with new albums from Bosse-de-Nage and Dödsrit, and new tunes from Tragedy, Ancst, and Pallbearer.
Kim Kelly
To Hell And Back

The Angry, Healing Records I Revisit When Everything Feels Broken

Reflections on the healing power of old abrasive favorites, plus new tunes from Twilight Fauna, Lifeless Dark, Lindow Moss, Sick Shit, and more.
Kim Kelly
To Hell And Back

Here Are 10 Dope Metal Bands Because the World Is on Fire

I'm exhausted post-#OccupyICENYC and don't have much to say, so let bands like Black Tusk, Dakhma, and Skeleton soundtrack your own revolt.
Kim Kelly
To Hell And Back

There's No Room In Metal for Racists, Abusers, and Bigots

A meditation on enabling oppression, As I Lay Dying, Emperor, and taking accountability for one's own mistakes (plus some sweet new metal tunes).
Kim Kelly

Ride the Storm of Venomwolf's Grimy Punk-Infused Black Thrash

Stream 'Stormriding Power' from the lupine Scottish black thrashers, out March 13 via Iron Pegasus.
Kim Kelly

Ilsa's Rotten Satanic Antifascist Death/Doom Will Make Your Ears Bleed

Stream the DC death/doom punks' raging new album, 'Corpse Fortress,' out March 2 via Relapse Records.
Kim Kelly

Agrimonia’s New Album Shows What Can Happen When Crust Grows Up

The Swedish post-metal iconoclasts display deep crust punk roots on new album 'Awaken,' and the way they interpret the genre says a lot about its past—and its future.
Kim Kelly

Indian Political Punks False Flag's New EP Is No Joke

With influences like His Hero Is Gone and Oathbreaker, these young Pune radicals have hit upon something special on their self-titled debut.
Kim Kelly

Listen to Anarcho-Punk Legends Antisect's First New Album in 34 Years

Stream the UK crust punk godfathers' dynamic, surprising, and (of course) extremely political new LP, 'The Rising of the Lights.'
Cody Davis

Portland Metal Punks Satanarchist Fire a Warning Shot with 'First Against the Wall'

Stream the ripping, politically-charged new album from these furious Pacific Northwestern anarchist metalheads.
Kim Kelly
New music

Crust Supergroup Tau Cross Drop Video for "Deep State" and Reveal New Album

The time for crust is now.
Phil Witmer

Stockholm’s D-Beat/Crust Lords Victims Sound the Alarm on Their New LP, 'Sirens'

"It would be comfortable to sing about war, sound like Discharge, and have pictures of blown-up babies on the cover on every record, but it would also be boring. "
Jamie Ludwig