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Frank Ocean, Stop Playing and Release Your SZA Cover

The singer teased his version of SZA's "The Weekend" on his Instagram page.
Kristin Corry
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SZA and Donald Glover Are Loving Hard In Her New "Garden" Video

After appearing in Glover's "This Is America" video, TDE's first lady has the favor returned for 'CTRL's' latest visual.
Lawrence Burney
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Watch SZA and Kendrick Fight Ninjas in New "Doves In The Wind" Video

SZA's released a new martial arts-themed video for her Kendrick Lamar-featuring 'Ctrl' cut "Doves In The Wind."
Shaad D’Souza
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What Is The Grammys' Beef With Black Women?

Women were shut out of this year’s Grammys, but SZA’s five-nomination snub felt like watching Beyoncé lose all over again.
Kristin Corry
grammys 2018

SZA Enters the Matrix for "Broken Clocks" at This Year's Grammys

The TDE singer performed "Broken Clocks" for the 2018 Grammys.
Noisey Staff
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Have a Double Whammy of Feelings with Paramore's SZA Mash-Up

The band covered part of SZA's "20 Something," blending it with their track "Grow Up," at shows in Barcelona and Paris over the last few days.
Lauren O'Neill
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Here’s the Solange-Directed Video for SZA’s “The Weekend”

The best song on 'CTRL' gets some long-awaited visuals.
Alex Robert Ross
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Read This Frank, Funny SZA Interview If You Ever Feel Uncool

Turns out that she was as nu metal as everyone else, assuming you were also nu metal at one point.
Phil Witmer
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Watch SZA’s Incredible SNL Performance

She played "The Weekend" and "Love Galore" from Noisey's Album of the Year, 'CTRL.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Here's a Super Weird Video for SZA's Maroon 5 Collab, "What Lovers Do"

Somewhere between a Pixar movie and a fever dream.
Lauren O'Neill
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SZA’s 'Ctrl' Came Out When It Did Because Her Label ‘Cut Her Off’

"They just took my hard drive from me. That was all. I just kept fucking everything up."
Lauren O'Neill
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SZA Performs "Love Galore" on 'Fallon' with Travis Scott, Who's Wearing a Pantera Shirt

The cut from 'CTRL' is one of the album's best.
Zoe Camp