Cuffing Season

Valentine's Day

I Tried to Cuff in Time for Valentine’s Day Without Using Apps

I literally mean I printed out and handed out flyers instead, in what rom coms would suggest are the best places to meet someone.
Helen Meriel Thomas

James Blake Just Made a Gorgeous Album About Being Happy in Love

His overwhelmingly optimistic fourth album ‘Assume Form’ finds the UK singer-producer coming to terms with life after stability.
Josh Terry
Internet Exploring

Jill Scott Is Trying To Dismantle 'No Nut November'

During a live performance, the neo-soul and self-love queen put on a grand showcase of her divine talents on the mic. Yes, we mean that sexually.
Jabbari Weekes

Forget Cuffing Season, We're in 'Clearing Season' Now

From January until the end of March, desperation is at an all-time high.
Hannah Ewens
Emma Garland

How Real Is Cuffing Season?

The trend seems to be less determined by science and more by a social reaction to the meme-age of “forever alone.”
Jake Kivanc

How to Handle 'Cuffing Season,' the Time of Year When Everybody's Looking for a Winter Fuck

Tis the season to get a sexual partner before your genitals freeze.
Hannah Ewens and Emma Garland
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Mitski's "Your American Girl" Video Because It Is Perfect

When the object of your affection ends up getting with a Coachella basic sometimes the only thing to do is make out with yourself.
Kim Taylor Bennett

Aziz Ansari Is Just Like You, Kind Of

The comedian’s latest stand-up embraces his inner Drake.
Eric Sundermann