Cultural Appropriation


Kim Kardashian Is Using the Woman She Helped Free to Sell Shapewear

The ad compares the freedom Alice Marie Johnson feels out of prison to the way shapewear makes her feel.


Ariana Grande's Wax Figure Is Her, Minus Pretending to be Black

Ariana Grande is white, and Madame Tussauds London's waxwork is a good reminder.


'N*****fishing' Is the New Form of Blackface

The word describes white women who change their appearance to look black or racially ambiguous. We spoke to someone accused of this, and to the women calling her out.


Indigenous Tattoo Artists on the Ethics Behind Their Ink

“One of my favourite things to tattoo is beadwork that their mum or one of their family members have done.”


Montreal Jazz Fest cancels show with mostly white cast singing slave songs amid backlash

SLĀV, staged by Robert Lepage and Betty Bonifassi, was widely slammed as cultural appropriation.


This White Comedian’s Rip-off of 'This Is America' Is a Pile of Garbage

What the hell is Nicole Arbour trying to do?


'Isle of Dogs' Is a White Man's Fantasy of Japan

Wes Anderson's latest film is funny, charming, and just straight up cultural appropriation.


We Asked White People With Dreadlocks 'Why'

"I just think comments like 'dreads are for black people only' are the opposite of cultural progression."


How to Know If You Are a ‘Hipster Racist’

Take it from me, your black friend, I know the signs.


Hoop Earrings Are My Culture, Not Your Trend

Hoops are worn by minorities as symbols of resistance, and strength. Think twice before you put them on.


What I Learned As a White Dude With Dreadlocks

"I never would have realised how rough so many New Zealanders have it if I didn’t have dreads."


We Asked Witches How They Feel About People Appropriating the Term ‘Witch Hunt’

"I get distressed because I think people don’t understand the history"