Czech Republic


Neo-Nazis are descending on a German town for Hitler's birthday

“If neo-Nazis are able to gather and celebrate Hitler's birthday without any interruptions there is something fundamentally wrong”
Tim Hume

Get Lost in Kosmogyr's Transcontinental Atmospheric Black Metal

Stream 'Evternity,' the rising Shanghai/Prague-based atmospheric black metal duo's grandiose debut LP.
Kim Kelly
the special one

Man United Sent Scout to Iceland, Turns Out the Match Was in Qatar

Jose Mourinho with the intelligence report.
Liam Daniel Pierce
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Czech Zoo Is Cutting Off Its Rhinos' Horns to Protect Them from Poachers

The decision comes in the wake of a recent, brutal murder of a rhino at a zoo in Paris.
Drew Schwartz

30 Years In, Root's Hellish Symphonies are Darker Than Ever

The Czech dark metal godfathers return to Kärgeräs with a new concept album; stream it here and read our Q&A with Big Boss and Igor Hubik.
Kim Kelly
world cup of hockey

What the Future Holds for USA Hockey, and the Other Teams Eliminated from the World Cup

We take a look at the four teams who didn't make it out of the round robin—USA, Finland, Czech Republic and North America—and where they go from here.
Sean McIndoe

"We're Not Racist, We Just Don't Like Gypsies" – Meet the Romany Football Club Other Teams Refuse to Play

Led by a Romany manager, and predominantly made up of Romany players, FC Roma Decin are subjected to a vicious onslaught of insults and racial slurs on an almost weekly basis. Assuming the opposition turns up, that is.
Mark Pickering
world cup of hockey

Tortorella, the Millennials, and a Rising Team Europe: Early World Cup Observations

The following is from an email exchange Sunday night between Dave Lozo and Sean McIndoe, aka Down Goes Brown.
Dave Lozo & Sean McIndoe
world cup of hockey

Five Reasons to be Excited for the World Cup of Hockey

From the Canada-US rivalry to what promises to be a fun Team North America, we lay out reasons why you should be pumped for the World Cup.
Oren Weisfeld
world cup of hockey

Can Anyone Beat Canada? The Best and Worst of the World Cup Teams

Down Goes Brown previews the World Cup of Hockey, breaking down each of the eight teams in the tournament.
Sean McIndoe
world cup of hockey

Why Everyone Should Cheer for Team North America at the World Cup of Hockey

We lay out five reasons why you should abandon nationalistic pride and root for the Connor McDavid-led Team North America at hockey's World Cup.
Dave Lozo
Euro 2016

Missed Opportunities and Abject Failure: Ranking the Worst Teams of Euro 2016

With Euro 2016 complete, we can now look back at who overachieved, who let the side down, and who the hell thought Harry Kane should take corners.
UK Sports Staff