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Unearthing the Vibrant History of Black Queer Activism

Legacies in Motion unearths the stories of activism from the Black LGBTQ communities throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s.


Inside Canada’s First Weed Curling Tournament

Do weed and curling mix? Manisha Krishnan sets off to Wiarton, Ontario to find out. She meets local cannabis enthusiast Ted Ratcliffe who created “Bongspiel,” the first fully legal weed curling tournament in Canada.


The World's Greatest Mystery May Finally Be Solved

Russia recently reopened the investigation into the Dyatlov Pass incident, now, 60 years later, we may finally get some answers.


This Dance Show Gives Magic Mike a Run for Its Money

Shavar Blackwood is the man behind Toronto’s sexiest dance showcase, Hot Seat Sunday. Blackwood created a show where men can express themselves and women can come to feel appreciated. We spoke with him about sensuality in the Magic Mike era.


Horror and Hookups with Trixie and Katya

In this bonus scene from The Trixie & Katya Show, the queens decide which horror monsters they match with.


Turning Death Threats into a Comic Book

Artist Ness Lee and writer Vivek Shraya are working on a graphic novel together.


How to Handle a Japanese Sword

Jason Nip is an expert in ancient Japanese swordsmanship. We met him at the dojo to test his sword and learn about owning and maintaining a katana.


Foraging Wild Mushrooms for Dinner on Oregon's Coast

In this bonus scene from Munchies Guide To, host Gaby Chai heads to the coast of Oregon to forage for wild yellow foot mushrooms that she and a local chef turn into a delicious dish for dinner.


Fighting the Winter Blues with Light Therapy

We check out the new light therapy exhibit at the MOCA. The room simulates a bright, sunny day and supposedly, can be used to treat seasonal affective disorder. We meet the artist to find out if her room can stave off the winter blues.


This NBA Player Is Standing Up for LGBTQ Equality

We met Reggie at New York Pride where he marched to commemorate his sister.


Embedding with Canada's Arctic Guardians

20 years later, the soldier-turned-photographer Philip Cheung is featuring the northern military unit in his latest exhibition.


Shawn Mendes Answers Our Random Questions

From his first email address to what conspiracy theories he believes in, we find out unknown facts about Shawn Mendes.