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football and the tories

Remembering All The Times The Tories Failed To Understand Football

Over the past few decades, Conservative politicians have intermittently attempted to appropriate football and use it to their own ends. This has led to much embarrassment for everyone, but most of all them.
Will Magee

What We Know So Far About the Bahamas Leaks

The leaked files reveal details concerning the offshore activities of prime ministers, governmental advisors, members of royal families, and convicted criminals.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, members of the New Black Panther Party will bring arms to the Black Unity rally in Cleveland, President Obama is hosting a meeting today with civil rights activists and police, and more.
VICE Staff
Internet Exploring

Fuck You David Cameron, But Also Thank You for This One Remix Meme

Finally, someone has remixed his "Doo doo doo, thank you very much" ad lib into a squelchy electronic banger.
Ryan Bassil

The Extremely Topical VICE Guide to Resigning

How to resign like a career politician (or Roy Hodgson) (or Chris Evans).
Joel Golby
Europe: The Final Countdown

How Did Britain Get So Messed Up? An Explainer For the Rest of the World

Everyone in the UK is pretty on edge right now. Here's why.
Oscar Rickett

Brexit: Why Britain’s Existential Crisis Matters To Canada

A vote in which xenophobia plays a big role? Sounds familiar.
Drew Brown
The VICE Guide to the 2016 Election

We Asked an Expert How a Trump Presidency Would Change Our Relationship with the UK

Trump has said that he and Cameron might not have a very good relationship. We asked an expert if that seemed likely.
Oscar Rickett
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Mayor of London Says Obama Is a Part-Kenyan Hypocrite

It's always weird when British politicians write in tabloids, especially when they make racially-charged and apocryphal claims.
Helen Donahue

How Calling for David Cameron's Resignation Distracts Us All

Let's not forget what the national demonstration is actually about: how austerity erodes housing, health, education, and jobs.
Michael Segalov

Photos of Placards, Fake Snouts, and Pig Piñatas at London's #ResignCameron Protest

We were there as thousands of protestors flooded London's streets, calling for Cameron's resignation after he admitted he'd had shares in his dad's offshore fund.
Sam Sargeant

What Low-Level Tax Dodgers Think About the Super-Rich's Tax Havens

Is not declaring a bit of cash-in-hand pay as bad as hiding millions in offshore accounts?
Frankie Mullin