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Watch Adam Sandler's Extremely Pure Musical Tribute to Chris Farley

Netflix released it on the anniversary of Farley's death.
Beckett Mufson
11 hours ago

Meet the Metal Band Whose Breakup Went Viral

We met up with Witchrot's remaining members to find out what the ride has been like after their infamous breakup.
VICE Staff
5 days ago

Morticians Explain How People Choose Their Last Outfits

From a simple shroud to Aretha Franklin's multiple costume changes, here's how to pick the clothes you'd literally be caught dead in.
Ilise S. Carter

A 16-Year-Old Has Died After Being Electrocuted By His Headphones

The teenager in Malaysia was found dead with blood coming out of his ears.
Gavin Butler

Teacher and Her Infant Daughter Dead in Grizzly Bear Attack in Yukon

Valérie Théorêt and her 10 month-old daughter, Adele Roesholt, were found dead near their remote cabin.
Lori Fox

'A Robot Killed a Man': A New Doc Looks at the Terrifying Future of Automation

HBO's 'The Truth About Killer Robots' examines the legal, economic, psychological, and moral implications of our inevitable, AI-run dystopia.
Seth Ferranti
10 Questions

10 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask a Guy Who's Died and Come Back... Twice

"For me there was nothing, just darkness."
Rhi Holmes
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Stan Lee, the Legend Behind Marvel's Biggest Superheroes, Has Died

He was 95.
River Donaghey

How to Kill a TV Character

TV and film have lost a sense of how to kill properly in 2018, and it has as much to do with us, as it does with them.
Noel Ransome
How to Exist OK

What It's Like Knowing You'll Die of Cancer at 35

"I’ve realized that it’s not my job to make anyone feel good. It’s my job to be honest."
Gideon Jacobs
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This Fugitive Allegedly Faked His Own Death to Chill in a $3.4 Million Castle

A clear lesson in what not to do after faking your own death.
Drew Schwartz

The Heartbreaking Instagram Where People Remember Loved Ones Who Died of AIDS

"Looking at the photos, I felt like the whole world was falling down around me. I had an overwhelming feeling of loss and devastation, and had to go to the bathroom so that no one would see me crying."
Jeff Leavell