Death From Above 1979

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A Completely Biased Ranking of the 60 Best Canadian Indie Rock Songs of the 00s Part I

Canadian music is probably at its best ever right now. So why not rank the golden peak of the yesteryear?
Cam Lindsay

Here Are The 20 Best Music Videos to Come Out of Canada Last Year

Which will end up being the best video to come out of The Great White North, and will it be "Hotline Bling?"
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We Got an Exclusive Tour of MSTRKRFT's DIY Toronto Studio

From drum machines to vintage synths, the duo's recording setup is a gear-head's dream.
Benjamin Boles
Thinkpieces And Shit

Why is Death From Above 1979''s Album Art for "Virgins" so Cringeworthy?

Maybe it's best not to make songs about de-flowering women. Mmm Kay.
Mitch Jackson

Amish Types Get Thigh Lickin' in Death from Above 1979's Video for "Virgins

Impose too many rules and the hedonist always breaks free.
Kim Taylor Bennett
2014 in Review

Noisey Canada's Top 10 Projects of 2014

This is it, this is what you've been holding your breath for. We finally gift you this top ten list to take you into the holidays!
Juliette Jagger
Slava Pastuk
Michael Rancic
Greg Bouchard
2014 in Review

The Eh List: Noisey Canada's Top Six Projects of 2014 - Juliette Jagger

Daniel Lanois, Biblical, and Arkelles made Juliette's list, but who did the rock n' roll critic choose as the number one pick?
Juliette Jagger
Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014

2004 Was Alive and Well at 2014's Fun Fun Fun Fest

Ranking the biggest bands of yesteryear from The Blood Brothers to Modest Mouse.
Dan Ozzi

Retrospective Review: Death From Above 1979 – 'You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine'

It only took one album for the band to establish a cult following, we looked back to see what that record contained.
Juliette Jagger

New Motive Power's "The Escape" Sounds like Death From Above 1979 Meets Crystal Castles

It's also about escaping from a toxic relationship.
VICE Thump

That Was Live: Seeing The New Pornographers And Death From Above 1979 Live In Toronto

We saw one of Toronto's most legendary rock group's perform in one of the city's most storied shopping venues for one unforgettable night.
Max Mertens

"I Had a Fear That We Were Going to be Too Late" - Death From Above 1979 on Their Decade Long Hiatus

We meet the band at a plush hotel in London to talk about their new record.
Leonie Cooper