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Why It's So Hard to Declare Bankruptcy on Your Student Loans

As Sallie Mae and Navient are accused of pushing subprime loans, one activist-expert says we're missing a much bigger point about how student debt works.
Allie Conti

One in Four Students at This Ontario School Has a Maxed-Out Credit Card

It gets worse if you’re gay or a person of colour, according to a new study.
Sarah Berman

How Much It Really Costs for Young People to Have a Fun Life in Toronto

You aren’t going to like the answer.
Allison Tierney

More Canadian Students Are Using Sugar Daddies to Pay for School

We talked to one sugar baby who made more than $4,000 a month.
Manisha Krishnan
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Millennials Are Way Poorer Than Boomers Ever Were

A depressing new analysis found that young Americans today are making 20 percent less than baby boomers were at the same age.
Lauren Messman
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What to Expect from VICELAND's New Show 'Payday'

'Payday' host Rollie Pemberton breaks down the social and financial issues that VICELAND's latest show addresses.
VICE Staff

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Trump starts broadcasting on Facebook Live, terrorists kill at least 59 at a police college in Pakistan, right-to-carry laws may actually make campuses less safe, and more.
VICE Staff

How to Spend a Thousand Dollars on Sushi by Me, an Idiot

"No, no, we need the bill in regular dollars," I said, assuming the number in front of me was in yen.
Chris Galletta

'An Obnoxious Aquaintance Returns,' Today's Comic by Stephen Maurice Graham

An obnoxious neighbor ambushes Michael in his parent's basement. Can things get any worse for poor Michael?
Stephen Graham

The Harsh Reality of Being Broke

Here's a brief list of things that I'm finding impossible right now: looking good, having sex, maintaining friendships, having a decent self-esteem, having hope for the future.
Jordan Foisy
Is University Still Worth It?

Debt, Depression, and Dud Degrees: Why Would Anyone Go to University?

Debt-ridden graduates are working less, earning less, and learning less. As part of a special series of articles on the state of university, we examine whether a degree still sets you on a prosperous path.
Rebecca Ratcliffe
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How Mental Illness Can Lead to Overspending and Poverty

A "frictionless" cash system is creating the perfect shitstorm for people with money trouble. It's making people ill—and it's making ill people poorer.
Hazel Sheffield