YouTube Pulls Canadian Anti-Islam Vlogger Following Record Defamation Lawsuit Loss

Kevin J. Johnston conducted a vile campaign against Toronto restaurateur Mohamad Fakih on Facebook and YouTube.
Mack Lamoureux
sexual assault

This Canadian Author Is Suing His Sexual Assault Accuser

A legal fund for defendants named in Steven Galloway’s defamation suit has raised more than $55,000.
Sarah Berman
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Summer Zervos's Lawsuit Against Trump Can Go Forward, Judge Rules

A New York judged ruled that Trump isn't immune to civil lawsuits in state court as a sitting president.
Lauren Messman
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The Gaslamp Killer Files Defamation Lawsuit Over Rape Allegations

The complaint comes in the wake of last month's allegations that the LA DJ and producer drugged and raped two women in 2013.
Andrea Domanick
sexual assault

The Forgotten Sexual Assault Allegation That Could Bring Down Trump

A defamation lawsuit filed by a former 'Apprentice' contestant could force Trump to testify and risk perjury—but right now it's stalled in state court.
Allie Conti

“Pink slime” lawsuit worth $5.7 billion could change journalism

A multibillion-dollar court battle is raging in a small South Dakota town between a former heavyweight meat producer and one of TV’s Big Three networks.
Chelsey B. Coombs
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Trump's Lawyer Thinks His Client Can't Be Sued for Anything While President

The president's longtime lawyer argues that a clause in the Constitution could protect Trump from the defamation suit filed by a former 'Apprentice' cast member.
Lauren Messman
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Surrey Creep Catchers Are Being Sued Again for Calling One of Their Critics a Pedophile

Is this the beginning of the end for vigilante pedophile hunting?
Manisha Krishnan

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Obama said the 9/11 bill is a "dangerous" mistake, teachers in South Carolina were praised for saving lives during Wednesday's school shooting, the US teen birth rate falls to a new record low, and more.
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Baseball Players May Soon Sue Al Jazeera. Will Peyton Manning Join Them?

Ryan Zimmerman and Ryan Howard may file a defamation lawsuit against Al Jazeera regarding their PED documentary as soon as next week. Peyton Manning will need to decide if he wants to do the same.
Teri Thompson and Luke Cyphers