G20 protests

Anti-G20 Activists Told Us What They Brought to the Protest in Hamburg

"My inflatable crocodile works as a shield against police batons, and as a seat. It also just lightens the mood."
Alexander Indra
Noisey News

The Internet’s Steve Lacy Has Released A Track That Didn’t Make His Excellent Demo

“This song didn’t make the demo but my friends and I all agree this is one the world should here so......"
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake's Full Reference Track for Rihanna's "Work" Is Hilarious

It's full of quirky lines that didn't make the final cut.
Craig Jenkins
Holy Shit

A Ton of Demos From Kanye West's 'The Life of Pablo' Are Leaking And They Are All Amazing

Bon Iver guests on one of the four demo leaks from Kanye West's new album.
Jabbari Weekes

I Spent 24 Hours with Greenpeace During Their Latest Illegal London Action

I joined the group as they wheeled a polar bear the size of a double-decker bus in front of Shell HQ.
Michael Segalov

Listen to This Alex Winston Demo Recorded When She Was 16

Winston was rifling around in her childhood home when she dug up this demo and Polaroids. Happy #tbt!
Kim Taylor Bennett

How Shitty is Motion Controlled DJ Equipment?

A closer look at the latest motion tech advancements in mixing and production.
Parker Buckley

Be Goth Once More For Ministry's Unreleased 1983 Demo "The Game Is Over"

The nu-wave revival can't come soon enough.
John Hill
VICE vs Video games

How a 60-Minute Teaser Became One of the Best Video Games of 2014

The 'P.T.' trailer scared me more than I've ever been scared before.
Jonathan Beach

Red Death Is Hardcore, But Maybe Also "DC Fight Metal"

The also members of Coke Bust, Secretarian Violence, Zoom, Genocide Pact, Pure Disgust and others dropped one of the best demo tapes of 2014. Get familiar.
Tony Rettman

Angry Venetians Are Sick of Cruise Ship Pollution

Cruise ships have been ploughing their way through Venice’s canals—and depositing huge amounts of pollution into the water in the process—for the past couple of decades. Local environmentalists aren’t happy about this, and they spent Saturday marching...
Pietro Minto
New music

Sludge Supergroup Ruine is Ugly, Slow, and You're Gonna Love it

Members of Magrudergrind & Mutilation Rites Go DOOM
Noisey Staff